Friday, April 25, 2008

Home Alone!

Here it is 10:45pm and I am home alone!!! Richard and the boys are out Coon (raccoon) hunting! Andrew's best friend, Sam and his Grandpa stopped by with their dogs and wanted them to go with them. So here I am just kinda kicking back trying to relax. Richard is trying to walk some of the stiffness out. He still has a pretty bad limp and can't bare any weight on the back of his heel.

Mom stopped by for a few minutes earlier on her way home. It have been a month since I had seen her. She looked so tired so she only stayed for a few minutes to make sure I was ok and then went on home to go to bed. Tomorrow my niece is having a birthday party so mom and Chantal are taking Hunter for me. My SIL is pregnant, so I certainly don't want to be around her while I'm doing this radiation thing! So while they are gone to the party, Richard and Andrew will be Turkey hunting! Soooooo, my plan is to sew while I'm alone!!! I have done nothing this week!

I had in mind that while I had my treatment that I would get all kinds of sewing done. Well, it hasn't worked that way at all! I've had doctor's appointments for 3 days this week and then Richard to the ER last I'm just tired! I never do that much running during the week.

We switched some of the horses around. We had them scattered in different fences but we decided to move them around. So on the west side we have Ole Jim, Autumn, and Jingle Bells. Autumn has come IN so we will be calling to have semen shipped. There is a certain stud that we want her bred to. Then in the east lot we have Bullet and Beauma! And now Beauma is IN and they have been PLAYING around, so hopefully we will end up with a colt there too. I guess we will have to wait to see.

I think I will go straighten up my sewing area so that I will be ready to sew in the morning!!!


Guðrún said...

I hope that there is no broken bone in Richard´s heel. Does your treatment make you sick in any way or tired?

Sara said...

I am so glad your husband is okay after that fall. I would have freaked out too! Hunter is adorable and it sounds like you are busy with your horses during breeding season! Isn't if fun? I love my gelding just for that reason!

Moneik said...

You'll be busy with your horses when they start having fouls!