Thursday, April 24, 2008

Trip To The ER!

What an evening!!! Hubby had a trip to the ER! This evening Richard and Andrew were up on the second floor of the house putting up more rafters. I had been outside watching them and then came in the house for about 10 minutes and Andrew came running in the door. He said "HE'S OKAY AND HE'S SITTING UP BUT RICHARD FELL OFF THE ROOF!!" I ran just as fast as I could go and crying the whole way. It seemed like it took me forever to get to him. When I did get to him he was sitting in front of the doorway of the house. He is okay but I made him go to the ER anyway. He fell about 20ft and hit the ground! His right foot hit the ground first on the heel area. He has several scraps and stuff. The doctor said he didn't see any breaks in the foot but the radiologist would be in tomorrow morning and he would look at it and if there were any breaks he would call. Richard kept telling me that nothing was broken but I MADE him go anyway! I was soooooo sick! So we just got back home, his foot is swollen and black! And he will be off from work until Monday! My nerves are shot! He keeps telling me to calm down but I freak out over stuff like that, I mean he could have broken his neck or back!!! I hate that he fell but in a way I'm glad I didn't see him, I would have died!

Anyway on to something else... Here is a photo of Hunter pulling the puppies around in his wagon! This was taken about 15 minutes before Richard fell. Actually, I had come in the house to load my photos on the computer! Those poor puppies, Hunter has drove them crazy with that wagon!
I am feeling fine as far as my treatment thing is going. Other than some burning sensations and some blotchy I'm fine! I have a cold and sinus infection so that is making me miserable. I am counting the days until I can love on my babies!!! Last night, Richard would not hush until I slept in the bed with him, we have never slept a part and he is a big baby! So what did I do??? I rolled up in my Special Comfy Quilt so that he couldn't touch me and stayed way over on the edge of the bed. See ladies I haven't forgotten why you made this quilt for me! I will always love and remember you all for this...Thank you so much for the love and comfort that you have given me.

I haven't sewn at all today! I had actually planned on doing some sewing tonight but with all of this I'm just too nervous! Maybe this weekend! Oh and Mom is coming home tomorrow!!!! I'm sooooo glad, I miss her!



Michelle said...

I'm so glad Richard is ok! What a scary thing for you, and to not be able to hug him. That would be the worst!

The picture of Hunter and the puppies is adorable. Thanks for sharing!

I'm glad you got to use your comfort quilt and think of us. We love you too!

Anonymous said...

Im glad Richard is OK, and very glad you will have your mom with you for support during these treatments.

Gina said...

I'm so glad that Richard is Ok. These Marines ( no such thing as an ex Marine ) are a hard bunch.

love and hugs xxx

Amelia said...

What a fall...glad Richard is okay though. He will be sore for several days.

Hunter is so cute with the puppies. They know they are loved by him.

Wonderful that your Mother will be home in just a few hours. Having her physically close will help..that is for your emotional side of being.

Love to all of you,

Amelia in Oklahoma

Belvie said...

Oh my, you have really been having it tough these days. Glad DH didn't hurt himself...and hope you will be feeling wonderful after this treatment is done.

Moneik said...

Glad to hear Richard is okay. I'm sure glad the comfort quilt came in handy. I'm sure you'll be using it more in the days ahead. The picture of Hunter and the puppies is so cute!

Carol Van Rooy said...

Wow... he must have a guardina angel looking out for him.

The Quilting Pirate said...

Kristie, your life is never boring! Poor Richard!! I hope the x-rays come back clean!

Ahhh, Hunter is loving all the new animals and taking good care of them!!

Yah for mom visiting!! Maybe she can sew with you?


Maureen said...

I am so glad that Richard is okay. Hopefully the bumps and bruises will heal quickly!

My goodness Hunter and the puppies are adorable! How cute (Hunter is handsome!)

Enjoy the quilt - I'm glad it is bringing you comfort in this hard time.


Floss said...

Glad the Richard was OK, I think its good that you made him go to be checked out.

The puppies are so cute.