Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Toxic Saturday!

Andrew's heart monitor was delivered yesterday. We had to call and have it activated and setup. Of course, he wouldn't let me take a photo of it on him. He has to wear it 24/7 for the next 30 days. The doctor said at least 30 days but maybe 60 days.

Richard, the boys and some of their friends went coon (raccoon) hunting last night and didn't get home until after midnight. The dogs didn't tree anything so they just packed it up and came home. Hunter was so tired. As soon as he came in the door he wanted a cone of ice cream, as you can see he didn't stay awake long enough to eat it. I even had to scrub it off the couch.
Richard is feeling some better today, but it still limping pretty bad. We were joking around today that we are all just falling apart. Hunter still has his stitches in from his surgery, Andrew is wearing a heart monitor, I am toxic and Richard looks like he has been hit by a MAC truck!

This evening Richard and Andrew went out and did some turkey scouting while Hunter was gone with mom and Chantal to a birthday party. It was a party for my niece and of course I couldn't be around alot of people and my SIL is pregnant so I certainly couldn't be close to her. I got the big idea I would do some sewing. I counted my step 2 blocks for the Orange Crush mystery. I thought I had them all done, but I had to sew a few more. They are now all finished, but I still need to iron them. I HATE ironing!!!! There are 142 of these little blocks so I will just iron a few at a time until they are finished.

It is almost midnight, but I think I am going to make my first Dear Jane block!!!! That would be a great way to end the night! Wish me luck!!!!

Oh!!!! I almost forgot! Bullet bred Beauma today!!!! So we will wait about 3 months and have an ultrasound done to see if we will have a new little colt!!!!



Anonymous said...

There's alot going on there, hope things settle soon. It's good you got to quilt, I find that quilting helps to forget about lifes stresses for a short time.
Sounds like you ready for step 3 in the OC. I just finished step 1, and don't like to try new things, so I'm working on other things to avoid using the new angle ruler!:-)

Carla said...

I find that when I'm stressed or worried about something, sewing helps me calm down. I'm so grateful to have this hobby. I have Step 2 cut out but not sewn. Hope to do that today. I agree with you about the ironing.

Rose said...

I really hope things settle down for you and your family!!
Good luck with the DJ block!! You will become addicted, believe me lol
Hugs xxx

Moneik said...

Your family has a lot going on! I'm sure you'll be glad when your ironing is done!

jillytacy said...

Hunter looks so cute asleep holding his ice cream cone! It sounds like you're all in repair right now but at least you can joke about it! Laughter is the best medicine! Here's hoping you're all on the mend!