Friday, December 28, 2007

Another Doctor Appointment

No sewing today...yet! I spent the morning grocery shopping and paying bills before my doctors appointment. They had me scheduled for my radiationt treatment today but I went for another opinion about my Graves Disease. This is a doctor that I saw probably 15 yrs ago. He is a great doctor! He said that he wanted to hold off on the radiation treatments right now. He also said that he may do a biospy. That made me nervous but he said that first he would try it with the big needle. I forgot what he called it, but in other words, they will stick a BIG needle in my throat, into the tumor and then send it off for testing! He actually said he didn't think that I really had anything to worry about. Oh well, enough of that...

After we got back home, Hunter and I started putting together this Lego that he got for Christmas. 370 pieces!!!! I thought my eyes would cross!!! But as you can see he loves it.

Richard has been home now for over an hour and still hasn't come in the house. It is raining outside and he is in his outbuilding. I don't know what he is doing, but I hear saws and hammers. Not a good sign! I'm sure he is making something that he has thought of today while at work, that is usually what happens.

I rented a few movies to watch tonight, but Richard said that he has to work tomorrow, so we won't get to watch them all tonight. He said he is getting up at 1am, I think he only has to haul one load of coal, so he should be back home around 8am. Sometime tomorrow I have to run up to the bookstore to pick up a book for Andrew. He has to have a book for his English I Honors class. The teacher said they had to have it when Christmas break was over. Funny how he is just now telling me this. Good thing they don't have to start reading it until they go back.

Hunter told me today while we were out shopping that he wanted to make a quilt! I thought I would die of shock! He is a wild little boy, very hyper and never has even mentioned anything like that to me before. He always wants to do GUY things with Richard. So I started thinking that I have this tiny sewing machine that sews real slow, I may get it out for him and see how he does. I will probably just cut out some simple squares for him to sew. I will be surprised if he makes it past a block before he quits. I don't think he will sit still long enough, but we will see.


Moneik said...

Glad to hear you got a second opinion! I love the Lego castle as I'm sure Hunter does too.

Carol Van Rooy said...

I just taught both my children to sew prior to the school break.

I too was shocked when my youngest (a son) wanted to sew a set of coasters for his teacher.

They turned out fantastic and can be seen on my blog...
You may have to browse down a few entries to find them

For Christmas we bought our daughter (11 yrs) a dressmakers/children's sewing machine.

She has just begun to sew on it this evening, and is currently making crumb blocks with fabric pieced on "fabric sheet" foundation for a scrappy look.

I'll have to post a picture, when it's complete.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

I'm glad to hear that you went for a second opinion. I think with anything major a couple of opinions is a good thing. Hunters lego's look fantastic and I bet the two you had so much fun building it.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the update. I was wondering if you were still going in for treatment.

Glad you and Hunter had fun today. Legos look great!

Hazel said...

Yes a second opinion is always helpful with something like this .Hope everything goes well for you and keep us updated .Do you rent your hubby out LOL I have lots of things that need fixing he sounds like a man who enjoys his work .Stan's pretty good he is just so slooooow

Jen said...

OMG he looks so happy with his lego castle. Mike is a Lego Nut too. I'm glad that you're going for a second opinion. Just think, your mom will be home soon!!