Saturday, December 1, 2007

Never a good sign!!!!

It is never a good sign when you see a photo like this!

I got my machine out this morning to sew and the needle adjustment would not work. You know the adjustment that moves your needle for different size seam allowances. Well, my needle would not move. I wanted to CRY! It worked fine last time that I sewed on it which was just a couple of days ago. So, I started taking it apart...and I DROPPED IT!!! Yes, I dropped my sewing machine and it hit the floor!
As you can see it busted a few pieces off of the bottom of the machine. Then I did start crying, that was about the time Richard came in the door and saw what had happened. His answer was "Baby, don't cry, just go buy you another one" Well, I did want another one, I really like this machine and it is just the fact that I was careless and dropped it and then I also thought it was breaking down on me too.

But I do have good news and a little bit funny! After I dropped it the first thing that I did was turn it on to see if it would still work. Guess what! It worked just fine and after I dropped it the needle adjustment started working! How weird is that? So now I will put all of the pieces back on it and try to get some sewing done today!


Maureen said...

Ohh that is never a good sign. My old machine the motor just kept slowing down and slowing down. Good luck and hopefully things go better.


Amelia said...

How awful...I know I would be crying too if my machine was on the broken side.

Glad to hear it is working though in spite of the fall.

Even if you want a new machine you want to get it when the time is right and not be hurried because the one at home is broken...or at least that is the way I would want it to be.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

I would have been panicking. I dropped my smaller Janome off of the table once but that was a nice little repair that had to be done. What a great man Richard is for telling you to just buy a new one. He's definetly a keeper.

Moneik said...

I would have been running to the store. What a great guy Richard is for suggesting a new machine. There aren't many men like him! Glad to hear it's working though, so you can get a new one when you want one.

Jen said...

i would have been running to the store and worrying about the cost later. I just can't be without one. I'm so glad this turned out well. It doesn't matter what a machine costs us, no matter the price it's priceless to us.