Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday's House Progress

Here is what Richard got done today. This is floor joists for the 2nd floor. This is the part that is over my kitchen and is a 20 x 20 ft section. This will be Breanna's bedroom. I know the photos are a little dark but it is getting late here.

This is looking through the front door of the house. The first room is the living room and will be open above to the roof.
This is just a front view of the house so far.
I think he got a lot done for one day. I'm sure on Tuesday he will work on it more.

I noticed that Planet Patchwork just posted their January BOM. I have it printed and will probably try to get it done tomorrow.

So what does everyone have planned for New Year's Eve??? We don't really have anything planned. We always stay home because of the traffic. Seems like every year someone shows up at our house, so we have got to we expect it.


Amelia said...

The building is coming right along. Looks like Richard is a talented man in being able to do the construction part.

Our plans for New years is to have a couple over to eat and watch football. Mexican food is what I have planned to cook.

Plan on starting the New year on a diet. I have to lose these extra pounds I have gained since I quit smoking.

Linda said...

Oh you lucky duck, a new house. No plans for NYE, think dh and I are past all the makes me sound old....

Jen said...'s so facinating for me to watch you guys build your house! I LOVE IT!!

We don't go anywhere for New Years Eve. We typically get some nice steaks to grill and stay in and each do what we want. During the day I'm planning on organizing my quilting looks like it threw up...too many projects in the works during Christmas.

Gina said...

we don't do anything much. I'll order in a Chinese takeaway and we'll go to bed early.

I've got the family coming around for a roast dinner tomorrow so I'm up early to deal with that.

love and hugs xxx

Michelle said...

It looks great, Kristie, and I am amazed at how much Richard gets done in one day. You will absolutely be in heaven when he finishes. I bet the wait is unbearable, though, isn't it?

Moneik said...

Wow! The house is really coming along. I am amazed at all the work Richard has accomplished on the house. I bet you can't wait to get in.

Guðrún said...

Will the whole house be built of wood/timber?