Friday, December 21, 2007

Sewing and Napping!

Today has been a long day. It's Friday, so most of you know that is when I do my weekly shopping and bill paying. But with all of the holiday shopping everything was very crowded today. Came back home, put everything away and Hunter and I fell asleep on the couch for 3 hours. Andrew left this morning to go to his uncle's house. This is his dad's brother, and his is very good to him. They wanted him to come over because they had some gifts for him. Now this is my ex-husbands brother and they bought a gift for Hunter too. I thought that was so sweet of them. He and his wife have always been good to me and get along great with Richard. They even go hunting together.

After I fixed dinner, I started cutting out my setting triangles for my "Friendship Baskets" I got them cut out and two of them sewn on, but now I am bored with it. Maybe I will finish it tomorrow. It won't take that long, just finish sewing on the setting triangles and then add a border.

Richard just called from work and said he wouldn't be home until around midnight! Now he got up at midnight last night and went to work so that will be 24hrs! I know he will be sooooo tired. His boss said that since they were off Monday and Tuesday, he wanted them to work Saturday! Of course, this ticked Richard off, so he is just working extra late tonight so that he will make quota. He drives a coal truck and they have to have so many tons a week.


Gina said...

I know how you feel about Richard's work. Mal got up 5.00am yesterday (Friday) morning and did his 12 hour shift. He got home and had his tea. Work was on the phone by 7.00pm yesterday evening with an emergency and he had to go in. He got back just befor 6.00am this morning and he is absolutely knackered. He's gone to bed and will get up eventually.
Luckily we've got nothing planned today as he'll be good for nothing today.

love and hugs xx

Moneik said...

That sucks that he has to work such long hours. My brother used to do that as a mechanic.