Sunday, December 2, 2007

A little bit of sewing

I didn't get a whole lot done today. Seems like I piddled all day. This evening I did make 2 sets of coasters. I made these for Quilt Guild. One set to put in the gift bag with something else and the second set is for our little auction. We were told to bring something small that we had made or some type of sewing item that we don't want anymore, just things that wouldn't go for over $10 in the auction. It is just mostly for fun at our Christmas Party.

As I said before I have been pretty lazy today. I did fix a big breakfast this morning, but after that I did nothing. I felt like I had a restless feeling all day. Oh well, who knows...

After Richard went to bed this evening, the boys and I did go out to Mom's. We had a nice time just sitting around talking. It was really nice. I am going to miss her soooooooo much when she leaves. She leaves out on the 8th and won't be back home for 28 days. I cry every time that I think about it.

When we got back home we had such a mess! Well first off, you know that I am not used to having a dog in the house, but I am trying to adjust. So while we were gone Ida Belle decided she wanted to get in the kitchen garbage. She had garbage all over the kitchen and living room, it was a MESS!!! Not only had she scattered it everywhere but she chewed it up into tiny pieces. And the part that made me so mad was the fact that when we got back home she wouldn't come up from behind the recliner. She knew that she had done something wrong. Anyway the boys helped clean it all up and she is out running through the house.


Michelle said...

When are you going to tell us your mom's big news? I thought maybe she had a new job, but guess THAT wasn't it, huh?

Your coasters are cute. Have fun tomorrow.

Gina said...

Unfortunately that's what labradors are like. they love chewing things and will eat until their belly explodes.
I'm glad she didn.t do too much damage though

love and hugs xxx

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I've been waiting for the big Mom news too! When are you going to share it? Good luck with the dog. I've had mine forever and they still have no manners at all. Mine do have a room of their own and when I leave, into their room they go. And they sleep in their room at night. It's just a small room off my family room and works great. Has room for their beds, dog food, parrot food, filing cabinets and that's it. Hang in there, they do behave better after they find out what the boundries are. The coasters are lovely too!

Moneik said...

Love the coasters! Isn't it nice to have a little family time to spend together? I want to hear your mom's big news too!

Jen said...

When Holly was a puuppy we always kept her in a kennel when we wern't home. Of course that didn't stop her when we WERE home. If it helps, Holly managed to snag a papertowel soaked in bacon grease over the weekend and she turned into Holly the Exploding Dog!!