Sunday, December 9, 2007

Ida Belle vs. The Christmas Tree

The Christmas party was very nice last night. We rode up with a friend of Richard's and his wife. She is very quiet, but she did ask me if I would teach her how to make a quilt. So I told her just to come over sometime and we would go through some patterns and get her started.

Anyway, on to the party. Dinner started at 5:30pm and we arrived a little after 5pm. Of course Richard is always the life of the party. You remember the 5th of Crown Royal that I bought on Friday...well he drank it all at the party! Now Richard never gets what you would say drunk he just gets VERY HAPPY! And he sang the whole night!!! They were even giving requests. It was sooo funny! The Christmas show started at 7:30pm and the place held 1100 people and it was packed. The show was very nice and we had a great time. We got back home somewhere around midnight.

This morning after breakfast, we did the feeding and then we went down to the sawmill to work. Richard usually does it by himself but I just helped him load the logs on. The boys were outside with us and I went back in the house to use the bathroom and the Christmas tree was turned over!!! Ida Belle had turned it over. Now my tree is 8 ft, so you can imagine what a mess that I had. ornaments and bulbs where everywhere and some of them were broke. Part of the lights were hanging off, it was just a big mess. I wanted to SCREAM!!! So I went back out to get them to come and help me stand it back up. I just had Hunter to hang the ornaments back on because at this point I just really didn't care. So now my tree really looks weird because most of the ornaments are around the bottom!


Amelia said...

Because of our cats and their racing around at times plus being nosy as to what is under the tree we achor the tree to the cabinets that are near. Using very fine wire helps. Plus the tree is somewhat in the corner.

I know what a unhappy woman you were when you saw the mess...I know I would have been.

Michelle said...

I would have just cried. That's all there is to it.....cried myself silly. I hope you find a solution so it doesn't happen again.

Gina said...

Oh Kristie I would have screamed and cried aswell.
we didn't have a tree last year because we weren't sure how stanley would react. We're trying one this year and I'm dreading it.we've put it in place and he's had a good sniff and a nibble but so far so good.

love and hugs xxx

Moneik said...

Oh I would have been just livid! Luckily our cat and dog are okay around the tree. Sounds like you had a fun party, ours was really boring.

Jen said...

We always used to have to tie it to the wall. A thin piano type wire and a little hook on the wall. This was just due to the weight of our ornaments!!

I think Ida needs a kennel for when you're not in the house with her!