Tuesday, November 13, 2007

4 More Cowboy Boots Today

I slept in this morning, I got a late start, but I think I still accomplished quite a bit on my quilting. My goal was to do 2 cowboy boots a day until I got the nine remaining boots finished. But today I actually did 4!! Now I only have 5 more to go!!!

I can't wait to get these boots finished. They are not hard, I just hate doing them. Richard thinks I should make a wallhanging with this pattern too. I might be able to handle that since I would probably only have to make 2 boots. The hats are fine, they go together very quick.

Trying to decide on what to work on after I get this top together. I know I have several that need to be quilted but I plan on getting a quilter in the NEAR future, so I will quilt them then. I have a ton of tops that need to be finished, but sometimes you just are not in the mood to work on UFO's. I have two tops, YBR and my Month by Month Sampler, that need to have borders added. If I get to go shopping this weekend, I will buy fabric for those.

Sandy, the guild president, called me this afternoon. I missed our BOM meeting yesterday and she was concerned. I actually forgot about it. I don't think she was that concerned, I think she was just bored. We talked about everything which was nice. Our next meeting in two weeks, we are making a tote bag. I will go to the meeting but I'm not sure if I will make the tote or not. I just made one a few months ago, but I will probably just go and help out. We will also be drawing names for Christmas at that meeting. The price range is around $15. Not sure what I will buy but I do think that I will make a set of coasters to throw in the bag. And my plans are to make a fabric gift bag. I have that pattern somewhere, I need to dig it out.

Wish me luck on my blocks for tomorrow...


Moneik said...

Great Job on the boots! They look really awesome and you fussy cutting is amazing. I found this pattern in my box last night. I really like it, but too much wedding quilting to take time to make it now. Maybe next year.

Jen said...

THey're turning out great. Maybe you need to put them away for a while till you want to try them again.

Guðrún said...

So you did 4 today, great job.