Monday, November 12, 2007

Cowboy Quilt Progress

This afternoon I decided I would start working again on my "Cowboy Quilt" I started this quilt back in August and did around half of it and put it to the side to work on other projects. The plan is that this quilt will have 25 blocks, 13 hats and 12 boots. I already have all of the hats finished. But the boots are what I need to finish.

Here is a close-up photo of one of the hats...

And here are all of my hats. I plan on alternating the blocks.

And here is a close-up photo of the only boot that I had finished. They are not hard, just time consuming. I think it is because of the fussy cut centers in the boots.
So today, I finished cutting out the rest of the boots. I needed 11 more since I already had one done. I cut all of the boots except for the fussy cut squares in the center. I think I will do those as I go. I HATE fussy cutting, but I think it makes these blocks look better.

Finally tonight, I got these two boot blocks sewn together.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get at least 2 more boots done. I would love to get this top finished. Richard and both boys are already fighting over it. I told them they would just have to fight because this is the only one of these quilts that I will do. It's not hard, it just seems to take so long to do the boots. Maybe I'm just lazy...
I spent the morning with mom. We drove in to Wal-mart just to look at their Christmas decorations. Believe it or not, but we came out with nothing. We were just spending time together. I had a great time with her.


Michelle said...

They look fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Great job on the blocks. That is going to be a really nice quilt for whomever 'wins' the fight over it! Maybe you can plan to hang it in the new house so everyone can enjoy it!
Glad you got to spend time with your Mom. I need to plan a 'shopping day' like that with mine soon, since I will be away from my family this Christmas.
Deb (vtquilter)

Moneik said...

The boots look great Kristie! I can see how they would be very time consuming. Good luck finishing it. I'd fight with them for it, but I have my own pattern, just need to make it.

Jen said...

I think they look great! I'm sorry the fussy cutting is such a pain in the arse.

Guðrún said...

Are you going to handquilt it?