Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cutting Plans For Tonight

I haven't had time to sew today...yet, but I will. Got up around 7:30am to a very heavy frost outside and it was only 18 degrees. Fall and Winter are my very favorite times of the year. Since we live out in the woods we get snowed in alot. I love when we get snowed in together. I always make sure the freezer and cabinets are stocked well. We get to spend alot of special family time then too. Sometimes if we get a heavy snow the electricity will go off and sometimes for several days. When that happens I take my food from the freezer and bury it in the snow. That may sound odd to some people but it works.

I spent the morning shopping. Ran to Walmart for a few groceries and puppy supplies. Then had to stop by the auto parts store for oil and oil filters. When I got back home Richard changed the oil in my car, his truck and the sawmill. I jumped in cleaned the house and I have dinner on now. Just fixing a quick chicken stirfry then we will settle in for the evening. We rented some movies to watch tonight and while we are watching those I plan on cutting out pieces for a new quilt.

Earlier today I picked out fabrics from my stash for a new quilt. I am going to start working on a "Jewel Box" I made one several years ago and I loved it. I am using assorted scraps and colors. I plan on mostly cutting tonight and sewing on it tomorrow. But I know I will have to try out a few tonight just to see how it will look. I already have my fabrics and cutting mat on the coffee table waiting for everyone else to come and settle down. Hunter is in his room watching TMNT, Andrew is at his dad's tonight and Richard is down at the sawmill.

I called mom today on her cell phone when I got back home. I asked her what she was doing and she replied "Buying a car, I think" Talk about shocked, I was. She and Chantal were out test driving a new Chevy Impala. She has been wanting a new car for a while but last she mentioned anything about it she said she was going to wait until Spring. Oh well, I hope she gets it. They already approved her for it now all she has to do is decide which one she wants.


Michelle said...

Have a great, great, evening!

Jen said...

Well, did she get a new car??