Saturday, October 27, 2007

Garden Poppies Quilt

Not alot going on today, so far. I talked to my Aunt Deb this morning and that was pretty exciting. I called her to see if she wanted to come over sometime and go through some of my books. I read a lot of historical romance novels and she reads alot too. So I was just trying to be nice and see if she wanted to read some of them. While we were on the phone she asked me about the Quilt Guild and I think she is going to go with me some to see if she wants to join. She makes beautiful quilts. I think she is going to try to come over one day this week to get some books and discuss some quilting things. I have a quilt kit that Richards aunt bought for me at Goodwill and it had never been open it is a whole cloth applique.
I started it but never did finish it. I think she is going to try to copy the pattern off on a large sheet of fabric to make her one. I only have maybe one flower done and I put it up. I am very excited about her coming over I never have anyone that comes to visit that quilts, so it should be a fun visit.
I did clean up around my sewing machine a little while ago. I think I will drag something out to sew on later this evening. I feel very lazy today. I have been sitting here trying to think of what to work on. I have tons that I need to finish, but nothing that I can think of that I am in the mood to do. Maybe I'll check in later with some sewing progress.


Michelle said...

Oh, Kristie, I do hope you get a new quilting friend and companion. It makes sewing SEW much more fun!
How exciting for you!

Jen said...

It would be so cool for you to have someone to quilt with! That garden poppy quilt is VERY pretty!!

Oh, I forgot to ask, the green bowtie quilt, will you be stippling it?