Wednesday, August 6, 2014

More appealing to me...

 I was straightening up some of my quilt books and magazines and I realized that the older magazines are more appealing to me than the newer ones are.  I know that everyone has different taste but I am attracted to the more traditional/old-fashioned patterns than I am the more modern ones.  Here are a few examples...

This is "Quilt" magazine dated Summer 2002.  Look at those quilts on the cover!!! 
 My favorite in the magazine is the Grandmother's Choice pattern!  I stated on it years back and it still isn't finished.  I need to dig it out and finish it up.  If I remember correctly it was easy.  Do you love it as I do? 
 Here is a close up of it...
 The following are in it as well...
 This is the Fall 1993 issue of "Quilt" magazine....
 I actually made this one years ago....not even sure if I still have it.
 Do these appeal to you also?  Looking through these two magazines just makes me want to sew!  LOL!

On to other things...Hunter started school on Monday, August 1st.  :(  This breaks my heart as he didn't want to go.  He hates school and his feet were hurting him pretty bad so that just made it worse.  Can you believe that he has a test tomorrow???  They sure don't waste any time, do they?  As you can see by the look on his face he was not thrilled about going. 
Things are changing around the farm too.  Richard and a dear friend of ours from Church traded out some work.  Last summer we moved the driveway to a different area which we still are not using it as we haven't graveled it yet.  :(  We only drive on it when it is dry.  :)  So now we dug out part of the hillside to make a huge turning/parking spot that way Richard will have plenty of room to turn the hay trailer.  He is also planning on building a garage out there too.  

This is Chuck cutting out the turning/parking area.
This is the area where the garage will eventually be.  These photos were taken not even halfway through the progress so it looks totally different than this now.  I'll have to take more photos of it to post.  
Richard is happy so that makes me happy!  :)

I'm heading on to bed soon.  Richard got called into work tonight, Andrew still isn't home from work as he is working a double shift.  Hunter is in bed and I have to get him up at 6:30am.