Sunday, May 4, 2008

I'm sooooooo tired!!

This is my first post for the weekend. I usually post pretty much everyday but I have been working my butt off! We decided to fence in a little more of the property, to make the horse pastures bigger. So we decided to do one side at a time, since we have to keep some of the horses seperated. We started with the side were we keep Ole Jim and Bullet. We started on Saturday and finished up today! This was a little over a mile around it and we fenced with two strands of barbed wire. And let's just say this is not flat or clean land that we fenced...completely wooded area! The photos are a little bit dark but you can get an idea of what I am talking about.

And here is a photo of Hunter with his BB Gun that he had to take with him while we were fencing on Saturday. Before anyone freaks is a BB Gun and I had the BB's in my pocket and he only shot it when we were taking a break and we were right there with him. Oh, and Andrew missed all of the fun because he was at his uncle's all weekend.

I recieved this wonderful package from Carla. I had mentioned that I wanted to start the Dear Jane quilt so she sent me her book. She went through alot of work to make this book work for her. She had the spine removed and all of the pages are in plastic in this binder.

She also sent me this cute litte shelf sitter! It is soooooo cute! Right now I have him sitting beside my sewing machine but as soon as we get the house finished he will be displayed in my new sewing room!!!! So Thank You very much Carla for being so nice.

The only sewing thing that I got done this weekend was this bowl. I wrapped the clothesline while watching tv late at night. You can't really tell much about it from the photo but this is 100ft of clothesline.

Last but not least....if you haven't already make sure you register here for my 300th post giveaway. I will be drawing a name on May 16!!!!!


The Quilting Pirate said...

Sounds like a productive weekend, even though it isn't quilting related!

What a nice friend to send you a homemade book for the DJ! I love the sitting spool dude as well. You need to "name" it.

Amelia said...

The Layne family has been very busy this weekend. You guys accomplished a lot in such a short period of time.

The rug looks great...are you going to use it for a rug or perhaps something else?

Try to get some rest -

Amelia in Oklahoma

Guðrún said...

I can believe that you are tired, you have to take a good rest now and take care of yourself.

Sara said...

Love that stringing fence!! We have 7 acres that are fenced in out of our ten and Rich and I did it all!
Glad your teaching gun safety. There is nothing wrong with knowing how to shoot safely.
Love the rug too. My grandma always used to have ones like that but I personally have no idea how to make one. It would look great in our kitchen but would probably get horribly dirty. Mud, isn't it wonderful?

Moneik said...

Your bowl looks great! Sounds like you were very busy this weekend. Sure hope you get a little rest this week. I started shooting BB guns in competition at Hunter's age, so I know how it feels to want to have the gun with you when you're outside.

Karen said...

Love reading your blog. Can sympathize with your "fencing weekend"...we have 14 wooded acres that need refencing. Your bowl is lovely and the spool sitter will bring a smile to your sewing room.

Jen said...

Your bowl is awesome!!!!! Is that all ONE fabric? Because if so...way cool!!!! I haven't gotten to add to my bushel basket as my mom is calling it, recently but I'll get back to it yet.

Mama Koch said...

My boys grew up with BB guns and we never had any mishaps...well, none that required hospitalization! lol

We have about 1K acres that need fence-mending. Wanna come help? We don't have the trees for shade either!

The bowl is cute. I've wanted to try making one of them.