Friday, June 5, 2009

Online Yard Sale!!!!

Okay ladies, I'm on a mission! I probably should have waited yesterday before I wrote that post! I was stressed, upset and mad.....stressed that I needed $2100, upset because I'm not rich, and mad because of his real dad!!!

I always try to teach my kids to do the right thing and I push them to do the best that they can do. I always tell them that there IS NOTHING THAT THEY CANNOT DO, IF THEY TRY HARD ENOUGH! But yes, I know even sometimes that statement has it's limits!

I started PRAYING about it! I asked the Lord that if it was meant for Andrew to go on this trip, to give me the strength and the know how to raise this money! I know that it is not just going to drop in my lap! So.......

I called the school and talked to the teacher that was over this. She said that they would plan some bake sales, car washes and other things to help raise money! I told her to just let me know and I would do whatever I could to help! Of course, this money will be divided between all the kids that are going, but every dime helps!!! So I felt better after that phone call!

When Andrew got home yesterday, he called my brother first and John said that he had a trailer load of cinder blocks that he had to pick up in a few weeks. He told Andrew he would pay him to help unload them and help him lay block! He is building a garage!!! So those blocks are heavy, but a little hard work never hurt anyone! John, told him that he would pay him $10 per hour!! Tonight he plans on making a few more phone calls!

I never asked my mom, but I guess deep down I knew that she would help with what she could. She called and told Andrew last night that she would throw in $500!!!!! I thought the boy would cry!

So here is my plan!!!! I set up another blog to have an ONLINE YARD SALE!!!! Right now, I have some fabrics and quilt books on there, but I will probably add some quilts too. I just have to get some out and photograph them!

I do not have a bank account or credit cards!!! Which for me is a good thing! :) But I will be accepting cash, checks and money orders! All proceeds will go to Andrew's trip! I do plan on keeping a running total on my sidebar as to where he is at on the money!

I will do my best to ship in a timely manner!

Please pass the link on to others! Every quilter loves her fabric and book stash, but right now Andrew's trip is more important to me! I also plan on doing machine quilting for others at a VERY REASONABLE PRICE!!!

I will also add the link to my sidebar!!! It is called " PASS IT ON!

Last but not least, I want to Thank You all for your prayers, kind words, and suggestions!!! It really means a lot to me!


QuiltedSimple said...

Yeah!! Do we email you with what we want?!?!? I'm so ready to go shopping......

Tina said...

Hi, Kristie! I have read yur blog for quite awhile - I will continue to "shop" and see if you have something I want. I will also post a link on my blog to your yard sale!

Leah S said...

Dibs on fabric #6. ;)

At this rate, you're going to have the money before July comes!

Purple Quilter Queen said...

WOW! That is so awesome. Andrew will have that money raised in no time! I'll be shopping your other blog to. Anything to help the cause! Jenn

Purple Quilter Queen said...

Hey again! I put a post out on my blog too. This is a great idea! I also commented that I want fabric #5 & 12. Let me know where to send you the moola! Jenn

Anonymous said...

I will post on my blog about your online yard sale!!

Yvette said...

What a great idea Kristie! I will tell my friends too.

KyQuiltlady said...

Great idea! You will have the money in no time at all.

Michelle said...

What a great idea, Kristie! Of course, I have visited, and depleted some of your inventory, but I know you will have more for others to buy. =-D
God is smiling on you today,

Julia said...

What a great idea Kristie! good for you, you will have enough money in no time...I will tell my friends too.
Julia ♥

Sara said...

I can't blame you on wanting to do everything you can! This is a chance of a lifetime! I will be checking out the site and linking to it!

And I don't blame you about his real dad. My Dh's ex is the same way! Its so irritating!

Guðrún said...

I have already popped over and saw a book and fabric I want to buy.