Sunday, June 26, 2011

Birthday Party and a Black Eye...

Hunter turns 9 next Thursday the 30th of June but we had his party yesterday. Nothing really fancy just a few of his friends over, some family and neighbors. Here is a photo of his cake...he loves Star Wars! This is one of his friends, Chris and his GIRLFRIEND, Olivia. I keep telling him he is too young to have a girlfriend but he doesn't listen. Isn't she cute with that curly hair?
And here is Andrew. It is hard to get a photo of him, he doesn't like his photo taken. For some reason it turned out really fuzzy. It's hard to believe that he will be starting college in the fall.Now on to the black know how kids are and they don't always listen to their mom, well that is what happened here. Hunter had a piece of rebar and was throwing it pretending it was a spear. I told him to stop and he did but grabbed it again when I was getting the burgers off the grill from Richard. He threw it at a tree, it hit the tree and bounced back and hit him in the face! I didn't see it happen. Chantal, my sister started yelling at me and when I looked her way all I saw was Hunter with blood on his face and his eyes rolling back in his head! I guess it almost knocked him out! Of course, I grabbed him and in the house we went to clean it up to see how bad he was. It looked worse at the time than it really was. I was afraid it would need stitches until I got it cleaned up but it doesn't. This photo was taken last night before bed, it looks much worse today.He was very lucky that it didn't put his eye out! Of course we had a little talk about listening to mommy! He is very sore today but maybe next time I tell him something he will realize that I am not trying to be mean to him but just don't want him to get hurt!

Shamefully I usually only check my mail about once a week unless I am expecting something. Today as we took his little friend home I stopped by the mailbox. My mailbox sits down by the road which is a little over a mile from my house. Anyway....I got some goodies!!! This is from a sweet lady named Laura! She sent me these wonderful reproduction fabrics as a thank you gift for something that I had sent to her. They are lovely! I didn't have any of them and I just can't wait to use them in some of my quilts! Thank you so much Laura!
Now that Hunter's party is over I need to get everything cleaned back up and get back to quilting! Actually I have one on the frame right now! It is that antique quilt that I was having trouble with a few weeks ago. I have it pinned back on the frame and I am going to try a different batting to see if that works. Wish me luck! I also have several others floating around in my head that I want to work on too.


jillquilts said...

Poor Hunter! But that cake looks yummy! I hope it was good! :)

Good luck with the quilt!

Ginger Quilter said...

I was so sorry to read about Hunter's accident. Not to frighten you but.... Has Hunter had tetnus vaccine? If not you should go here to read what the Mayo clinic has to say.

Here's hoping he is well soon.

Erzebat said...

poor hunter!! glad he is ok. GQ is right, hunter will need a tetnus shot if he hasnt had one in the last 3 years. he may need to see a eye dr too. good thing you took picture, evidence for 'I told you so' later when he becomes a teen (evil mom grin).
(mauh) Liz

Libby said...

Poor little guy! I saw his pictures on FB and wondered what he had done! Glad he had a fun birthday.
tell Andrew that he gets cuter with every picture you take;)

Yvette said...

Oh, poor Hunter!!! Yes, I think he will be listening to you more often.

Janet O. said...

Ouch, that hurt! Some lessons we insist on learning the hard way.
Great Star Wars cake! My grandson is a fan, as well.
What a fun package of goodies you got in the mail. Don't those little (or not so little, really) surprises just brighten your day?

Tazzie said...

Poor Hunter, that must have really hurt! I can't believe our boys are only 10 days apart in age. Camo turned 9 on June 20 - he had his party on Saturday too. Wish your little man a happy birthday from us.

Me and My Stitches said...

That was a close call with Hunter - glad he is ok! Love your new fabrics and can't wait to see wht you do with them!

Floss said...

It can be so scary when they don't listen, glad that is something that will heal and he may even listen for the next little while. Hope he has a happy birthday.

Laura said...

Poor Hunter...and poor Kristie!! That had to be scary. Sounds like a birthday to remember!

I'm glad you like the fabrics. :-) Laura