Friday, August 26, 2011

Meet Zoey!

This is Zoey! She belongs to my sister Chantal. I am dog sitting for a couple of days. She is the sweetest thing. She is soooooo fat! She has FAT ROLLS! And when she wears her bikini she has a "muffin top" LOL! She has a huge fat roll that hangs out over the bottom part. :) Most times she has her tongue out panting, so funny. She is not so big that she is unhealthy, just "pleasantly plump"

She thinks she is human too! I swear she does. I laugh at her every time that I am out to mom's house. She will only drink bottled water and loves her clothes, it's almost as if she feels naked without them and is embarrassed. Anyway, I love her and enjoy dog sitting her. Smokey and Jazz just love her. I tried to get a photo of them together so that you could actually get an idea of her size, but I can't keep them still long enough.

My silly sister is on her way to Virginia Beach! My first reaction was...."silly girl, don't you know there is a hurricane on the way?" LOL! Actually She and Ronnie are on their way out there to buy some kind of a boat motor about 20 minutes from the beach. They may drive on to the beach if the weather is not too bad, they have been on the road for about 4.5 hours so far. Anyway, hope they stay safe and they should be back late Saturday night.

As far as quilting goes....NOTHING! Lol! Actually, late last night I did try working on a table runner. I am trying to take apart an antique quilt top that most of the seams have came apart. I was trying to repair some of the blocks last night and found that some of the fabric was shredding from my stitches. So I will probably try to figure out some on it today.

Andrew loves college so far! He calls me all of the time so that makes me feel better. I'm sure he knows how much I worry and miss him and I can't help but thinking (hoping) that he misses me too. :)



Yvette said...

Your sisters poodle looks like one of mine. Mine is a tomboy I guess because she wold never be happy with clothes. LOL!

Libby said...

Zoey the Diva! She looks like a bunch of fun!!
Glad to hear that Andrew is loving college! I think that first year away from home really makes them appreciate us parents!

Texan said...

Zoey is to cute! How fun she likes to wear clothes!

Janet O. said...

I have never known any dog that loves to wear clothes. What a hoot!
Nice that Andrew keeps in touch--it has to be a big adjustment for him, too.
When I am unpicking really delicate fabrics I use my sharpest, tiny scissors and slip the tip under the stitch to snip it. (I really wasn't trying to make a rhyme.) That way there is no stress on the fabric. Time consuming? YES! But worth it if I really want to preserve the piece.

jillquilts said...

Zoey is too cute! And I thought you weren't gonna do anymore repair work on antique quilts... What happened? :). Good luck!!

Erzebat said...

Zoey is adorable! tell your sister she is NUTS. Im sitting here waiting for Irene to pass and its getting bad. there is a boat in the water that is trying to ride it out but the fire and rescue is telling them they have to come in. we have alot fo flooding too. hope she gets home safe and sound. (mauh) Liz