Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A little more progress...

 More digging and sorting going on between the machine quilting.  The quilt that I have on the frame right now seems as if it is taking me forever and I guess it is.  LOL!  Lots of tight quilting and having to quilt around applique, buttons, beads, and ribbons.  I'll show it to you all once I get it finished, it is beautiful!  

I did a little digging in my quilt stuff the other night.  I ran on to my Dresdens.  Oh I just love these and can't wait to get them sewn on the backing....which I do not have yet.  :(  I have 20 of them and I still have to pick up the backing fabric as I can.  I sat down and drew it up in EQ to figure up my backing yardage, along with the sashing and border fabric.  My plan is to use a cream/beige print for the backing and some type of brown for the sashing, centers and border.  
I also ran on to my Carolina Christmas that is still a UFO.  :(  All of the pieces are there, but the reason that I put it all away is because of the PRESSING!  Sometimes the pressing seems to be overwhelming on some of these projects.  So my plan is to leave this by my ironing board so that I can do a little at a time.  
I am still working on my string blocks.  I have 130 blocks finished as of this morning.  I still need several more but as soon as I get the rest of them done I will trim them all up.  I'm anxious to get this project wrapped up.  
 A couple of days ago my sister, Chantal and her fiance, Ronnie came knocking on my door.  I noticed that Ronnie was carrying something huge, it was this....
 It is huge, measuring 34 x 45 inches and also very heavy!  I moved the Home Interiors picture that I had hanging there to hang this one.    Of course they know how we love our horses and I had mentioned that I would like to find something big and nice to go on that wall.  This the wall as you walk in the front door and start up the stairs.  I want to find a small table to up under it when I can.  Anyway, I just love it and I thought it was so nice for them to do this when they didn't have too.  In a way it makes me feel bad that they did this when they just bought their own house a week or so ago.  
 This morning I have some cleaning to do.  Mom mentioned that she thought my grandmother was coming over to visit me sometime today or tomorrow.  So I need to make sure my house is clean so that she doesn't talk bad about me.  LOL!  


vtquilter said...

Beautiful picture Kristie! Looks like you have a plan to keep projects moving. Those plates are lovely, can't wait to see how they look landing on their backgrounds.

Yvette said...

What a perfect picture. Don't feel bad, they really wanted to do it I am sure.

It seems like all I do is clean so I share your pain. LOL

Laura said...

What a lovely gift! Looks PERFECT!

You have some nice projects going. I had never seen a 4-patch flip block before. Can you tell me what size the pieces are? Looks like a great scrap project.

Janet O. said...

Gorgeous painting, Kristie. How very thoughtful of them!
I had to laugh when I read about the plates. I wonder how many hidden projects you have that are yet to surface. But I love every one of them. Your colors are my colors--and scrappy to boot!

bernie said...

The picture is beautiful, that was such a thoughtful gift. Your projects are all coming along nicely. Those Dresdan plates are so pretty. Bernie