Monday, September 9, 2013

A Busy Weekend...

 We had a nice but long weekend.  Friday we had some dozer work done on the property.  We had the driveway moved to a total different place on the property.  Our old driveway has you parking right in front of the house and I didn't want to sit on my front porch and have to look at the Jeep.  Silly, I know but we've wanted it moved for a very long time. 
 Saturday I took Hunter in town to watch the parade. Then we headed on to a baby shower and I gave the little stacked coins baby quilt that I quilted the other day.  Then we came back home for a few hours.  

Headed back in town for the evening festivities.  Here are a few shots of Hunter on the mechanical bull. 
 When Hunter was real small, Richard used to ride REAL bulls and Hunter loved watching him.  Always made me so nervous because those real bulls don't just stop when you fall off, they try to kill you. :)
 If you look close in this last photo you can see his hat on the left and his foot on the right of the bull.  LOL!  He finally fell off, but he had lots of fun.
 Sunday afternoon I made a batch of salsa.  It turned out really well. 
 While I had my salsa in the water bath canner, my burner caught on fire.  I had flames shooting from it.  I pulled the canner off and tried to get it put out with a pot holder but that didn't work because they were just too big so I grabbed the flour and threw it on there.  I finally got it out but my house smelled like burnt flour.  :( 
 I was just starting to get my kitchen cleaned up and Richard called to tell me that he shot a doe.  Archery deer season came in on Saturday morning here in KY.  So I spent most of the night canning venison. 
 My family loves it and we eat a lot of it.  I didn't get it all canned last night so I'm trying to get it finished up today.  

Last but not least, here is a pic of me and my baby.  ;)
 Have a wonderful and Blessed day


julieQ said...

Glad your view will be like you like it!! Wow, you get so much productive!

Janet O. said...

(And I can totally understand the driveway thing!)

Michelle said...

I'm glad I found your blog again...between being out of the loop due to our move and the blog reader closing down, I lost ya! Looking forward to reading about your quilts and such again!

Deb A said...

Hunter looks like you! Love the picture. You have been so busy. I think you deserve some sewing time!