Friday, January 3, 2014

Sewing and my boy...

  More sewing today!!!  First off, I cut more bowties as I was out of sets to sew.  I didn't cut many but maybe that will do me for a day or two. 
 I finished cutting out the last step of my mystery quilt.  I was a little behind but I'm working on it.  I'm anxious to get this put together as Hunter loves it so far.  I also worked on piecing a few more of the blocks. 
 Earlier I had been downstairs for a bit and when I decided to go back upstairs to do more sewing I found Hunter and Mammy asleep on my couch in my sewing room.  Snapped this as I was getting Mammy off the couch as she is not allowed on the furniture except for Richard's old recliner.  :)  She is growing so fast....55lbs. 
 I also wanted to show you one of my favorite scrap quilts that I made several years ago.  I changed all the bedding on Andrew's bed today and decided to put this one on.
You can also see part of Andrew's guitar case in the photo, he is playing a show tonight.  They are having a benefit concert for Hank Williams Jr's keyboard player as he is dealing with cancer.  I think tonight he was going to play with the Kentucky Headhunters.  So proud of my boy as he so enjoys playing guitar and is very good at it!  :)  I'm sure when he gets home late tonight he will have some stories to tell me!  LOL!  

Oh before I close!!!  I talked to my SIL on the phone today, this is my brother's wife, Kellie.  She told me that she went and bought a rotary cutter, mat and a good pair of scissors!  She wants to make a bluejean quilt!!!  YAY!!!  I hope she enjoys it and wants to make more quilts!  I'm excited about this for her, I can't wait to see it and to beat it all....she is piecing it on her grandmothers sewing machine!  :) 

Preparing for more bad weather!  :(  Saw on the forecast earlier that come Monday the windchill will be -30!!!  That's crazy!  


Janet O. said...

That is a great scrap quilt, Krisite.
Sounds like Richard must be pretty good at the guitar.
Fun to have a family member join you in your passion (addiction). : )

Michelle said...

That is awesome that Andrew is playing with famous name bands. I didn't know the Kentucky Headhunters were still around. So awesome!

Love all your quilts Kristie. Stay warm. Yes, it is supposed to get cold here too!

julieQ said...

What a gorgeous scrap that one, Kristie!

Libby said...

We are getting some cold weather in too. Not so great for running but great for sewing:) LOVE that scrap quilt! I love stars! It's lovely as usual!

Regina said...

with weather like we are all having, I am so glad to have quilts to burrow under! Getting up is the hard part, though!!