Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cross Progress and fun...

 More progress on my Prayer Cross Quilt.  I have the first 5 rows completely sewn together.  The other pieces are just on the wall to check for color placement.  I plan on working on this again tonight.  I should have it finished soon. 
 I also got a few bow tie sections pieced for my leader/ender project.  I am getting closer to the end on this one. 
 I got this bread machine and yesterday I tried it out.  I fixed spaghetti for supper and in the book I found a recipe for spaghetti bread.  The ingredients....bread flour, yeast, sugar, onion salt, Italian Seasoning, Parmesan cheese, and water...I think that was all.  Anyway, it was delicious!!!  Hunter loves bread so this morning I have another loaf in.  I'm making traditional white bread.  I think I will be using this often as we love fresh bread. 
 Hunter had another award's day on Thursday.  He received 2 more awards.  So very proud of him. 
 Friday was his last day of 6th grade.  He has grown so much this year.  He is 11 yrs old and is taller than I am.  :(  That's not saying much since I am only 5ft.  LOL!
 Friday evening after dark we had him a little "weenie roast" to celebrate his last day of school.  Just something simple with me, Richard, Andrew, Hunter, my sister and BIL.  My sister Chantal and hubby Ronnie brought stuff for S'mores.   You can see here that he was having a good time because he kept goofing off every time that I would take his photo. 
 Starting tonight he has Vacation Bible School (VBS) all week.  

Richard worked last night but Andrew and my BIL, Ronnie went fishing at the Lake way up in the night.  Not even sure what time that Andrew got home.  Good thing that we live less than a mile from the Lake.  :)  Anyway, next weekend we are planning a big fish fry cookout!  Should be lots of fun.  So far we have 9 catfish and some frog legs!  They went gigging the other night and got some frogs.  I'm a country girl through and through and I love to fish but I can't stand the taste of fish or any type of seafood.  :(  So it will be burgers for me.  LOL!  Since they are "catching" all of the food, it will be pretty much a "cost free" cookout...except for my burgers!  LOL!  

Andrew will be exhausted today as I said he fished late into the night.  Then he got up at 7am this morning and left out on a long drive to Columbus, Ohio for a guitar show.  He wasn't driving so that is a good thing, maybe he can rest.  If you don't mind, say a little prayer that he has a safe trip.  :)

I got a surprise visit last night!  My MOMMY!  She works away on a tug boat and they just happened to dock about an hour away.  They let her off for the evening so imaging my surprise when she knocked on my door when I wasn't expecting her for another 3 weeks!  


quiptowngirl said...

Kristie, the prayer cross quilt is beautiful. I love the simplicity of it. It will make a lovely gift for your friend.

Michelle said...

Kristie, I am just LOVING that prayer cross quilt. Your days sound busy and fun. Congratulations to Hunter and I know you enjoyed some time with mom.

Prairie Patch Quilts said...

Love the progress on your prayer quilt. Would like to make one myself someday. Bread Machines are yummy. Nothing better than smelling fresh bread; and eating warm with butter!

Janet O. said...

The prayer cross is coming along nicely.
Fun to see Hunter's personality in the weenie roast photo.
What a happy surprise to see your Mom so unexpectedly!