Saturday, June 30, 2018

Quilt Blocks and Birthdays!

 Today my precious baby boy turns 16!  Where has time gone?  He is 6ft tall and just dwarfs me.  He is such a good young man with good morals and manners.  We are so very proud of him.  Makes this momma a little sad that he is so grown up....but proud.  We are having cake and ice cream tonight when Richard gets home from work and then he will have his party next weekend.  We will have lots of family, neighbors and several of his friends over.
 Yesterday didn't go exactly as planned but it still worked out okay.  As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I had several things to do.  We ran by McDonald's because Hunter thought he was starving.  LOL!  Then I had to run down town to pick up something.  Got Hunter's shot for school, then a quick trip in Walmart because Hunter needed some earbuds.  Stopped by and gave a couple of ladies some quilting quotes, which I will discuss in a few minutes.  Then we headed towards home but was going to stop by the lake on the way.  We were meeting mom and my sister there.  All was well...until I turned out the lake road and realized that I didn't have any other gear except drive.  No neutral, park, reverse... nothing.  So I made a big U turn and headed straight back home!!!  I got about a mile from the house and it started to overheat but I did make it on home.  I sure didn't want to breakdown and it 95 degrees either!  I felt very Blessed that we made it home safely.  I messaged Richard and told him that I figured it was the linkage on the transmission and it was.  He fixed it when he got home!  :)  Another reason why I love that man!  So in the end it all worked out.  

Quilting.... here are a couple of pics of two different blocks that I am working on.  The first is a double nine patch with navy polka dot.  I'm really liking how this is looking when I lay all of the blocks together.  I need a total of 42 and I think I have 12 done.  I still have a ways to go on this one. 
 This is the modern one that I mentioned yesterday.  The pattern is called, In Tune by Cluck, Cluck, Sew.  Totally different from what I am used to.  :)  I have all of the blocks pieced on it now I just need to sew them together. 
 The quilting quotes that I gave yesterday worked out well.  I stopped by her house because she is in her mid-80's and doesn't get out a lot.  She is a retired teacher and knows the family well.  She had a Grandmother's Flower Garden that had been quilted by someone else years ago but still needs the binding done.  She doesn't want the edges squared up but the bias binding done around each shape.  So we worked out a price and I will be doing that for her.  She really did do a great job on hand piecing it.  

Her daughter was there because she wanted me to give her quotes on 3 tops.  I did and brought those home to be quilted as well!!!  One of those quilts is an applecore quilt that I will need to do bias binding on it as well.  Actually I will be doing the quilting and binding on all 3 of her quilts.  I was very Blessed to have came home with more quilts to quilt!  So expect pics of those as I work on them.  

That's all for now....  not sure if I will get to quilt today but that's perfectly okay.  I plan on spending lots of time with Hunter.  :)

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Panto Pam said...

He has grown up so fast! He was just a young thing when I started following your blog. Happy Birthday, Hunter!