Monday, December 22, 2008


I am sooooo tired and it is only 4pm! This morning I got ready to go to our quilt guild Christmas Party which started at 10am. I had to argue with Hunter because he did not want to go, being only 6 he had no choice but to go with me. Andrew had a friend stay over last night and with him being older he was going to stay home. So after arguing with Hunter for 30 minutes we jump in the car and what happens????? I BREAK MY KEY IN THE INGINITION!!!! Now how crazy is that???? Honestly I had never even thought of a key breaking! So back in the house we go, I called Richard on my cell phone becaue the house phone was not working (I'll tell that story in a minute) and by this time I am in tears! Of course, Richard being the sweet husband that he is did not yell or anything, just told me to calm down and he would try to get it out when he got home, he told me to call the dealer about another key! See my car key has some kind of sensor on it and you have to order the keys from a dealer. I called and they said around $65!!!!!! So I cried again! :( Anyway, I guess I am over it now, not alot that I can do about it! But I did miss quilt guild and I had the yo-yo's that we were going to make ornaments with!

Now on to the phone.....if you remember not too long ago, my phone and internet both went out. Had alot of trouble trying to get it fixed and they had to replace the line that went from the road all the way to my house! Anyway, Friday evening Richard was on the phone talking with some guy that he worked with and he said that the phone started making a terrible noise and went dead! So I have been since Friday night without a house phone! Called the phone company first thing this morning (from my cell) and they were not too friendly! I guess they are tired of me calling them with phone problems, anyway they said that it would probably be Friday before they could get anyone out here to look at it because they were backed up. :( So needless to say this has been a very stressful day!

So now on to better news! I finished both bindings on my quilts. The first one was the Carpenter's Star that I showed in the last post. And I finished the binding on the Green Yellow Brick Road. This photo was taken before the quilting was done, but now I have two tops completely finished into quilts!

If you look on my sidebar you will see that I got really brave and listed ALL of my tops that need quilted! Yep! It is a long list! 74 to be exact!!!! I figured that if I had to look at the list all of the time it might help me to get them done. Here is a photo that I took several months ago of SOME of my quilt tops that I threw on the bed as I was sorting...

Those are all tops and this does not even count the UFO's that I have that are not even completed tops YET! But I hope to shorten this list this new year by quilting alot of them and some of the crib quilts will be given to charity. I do have several tops that are crib size but most of them are bedsize!

It has been so cold here the past few days but we have still been working on the house! We have actually gotten quiet a bit done. We finally got all of the plywood and roofing paper on the roof and we will wait until Spring to put the metal on the roof. Also I HAVE A WINDOW!!! Actually we have two windows in but the other one is in the back of the house and it was too cold and I didn't want to walk around there to get a photo! The window in the back is the window that will be over my kitchen sink. The window here in the front is in my living room. We still need to box in around it at the curved part on top.

Oh and those things that you see in the photo on my roof are called "roof jacks" We had to put those on there so that Richard could stand on the to do the steep part of the roof. Funny how the house doesn't look that big in the photo. It is not real large but plenty large enough for us. It is 3200sq ft, which when I step in and look, it looks big but I know when I get moved in and have all of the furniture there is will shrink alot!!!!

Richard is still not home yet, Andrew and his friend were picked up by another friend and they are all at a dog training place, that trains Beagles. They have them in a rabbit lot training them to hunt. So it is just me and Hunter. I think I will try to get him to take a nap with me, after the day that I've had I sure need one....


Amelia said...

What a day you have been having...seems like when it rains it pours..hopefully the "sunshine" will come out tomorrow.

The new house is really taking shape...I know you can hardly wait until you can move in.

Take care...Merry Christmas!


Yvette said...

WOW! I have never heard of a key breaking off into the ignition. My car doesn't even have a car key, it is a remote. I heard they are outrageously expensive to lose. YIKES!

Krisie, I am laughing so hard staring at your pile of UFO's. That is quite impressive!!!! Maybe you could have a goal of quilting so many next year. Maybe quilt 3 for every new one you start?

Your new house is going to be AWESOME! Are you going to have a quilt room?

QuiltedSimple said...

Oh my! What a day you had! Seriously though - what a bummer to have your key break off in the ignition! And that seems like highway robbery - the price of the key that is. I love your quilt tops - whoo hooo for getting them done! I can't wait to see what you work on next. Hope you had a good nap!

Michelle said...

Kristie, All I can say is, laugh. Laughter takes away stress, but what a day you have had. Tomorrow will be better. Your green YBR quilt is awesome, and girl, you earned your way into the guiness book of world records for the most quilt tops.

Hope you have a nice nap. It is FREEZING here! Minus 30* wind chill factor again. BRRRRRR!
Take care,

Michelle said...


KyQuiltlady said...

We missed you at quilt guild but didn't know what went wrong. There wasn't many there. We had enough yo yo's for the ones that wanted to make it. They are really cute. I will post one on my blog. You are doing really good with finishing those quilts. I was hoping your phone was fixed after they redid the line. Maybe it froze into with this cold weather. LOL

Anonymous said...

What a day! That is the type of day it's best to just go back to bed! ..Under all those quilts and maybe waking up to them will brighten the day alittle!
Never broke a key in the ignition before, it is really cold out. I figure your phone line was down too (tried to call couple times yesterday)Hopefully tomorrow is better! Hugs!

Narelle said...

What a shame to miss your quilt guild's Christmas party.

Where do you find the time for all those quilt tops? I look forward to viewing each one as they're quilted.

Merry Christmas

Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

Those are the days where you want to run to your bed and cover your head with a blanket and go back to sleep! You poor girl!

Love all the quilties in waiting :o) I wish I could at least get mine to that phase, lol :o)

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Kristie, what a day indeed. Your key and then missing the quilt guild had to be tuff. May your day tomorrow go smooth...
Love your house, it's going to be great.
Merry Christmas,

Rose said...

So sorry you had a bad day!! I love that you have listed your quilts in your sidebar. I worked on my 2009 UFO List the other day and it seems to get longer each year but a lot of the quilts appear EVERY year!! My goal is to finish them in 2009 and Ill be keep a watch on your list for encouragement and inspiration!!
Have a wonderful Xmas!!

Joan said...

Another gorgeous quilt top and I don't normally like green! Awful about the key - like others, I didn't even know keys would break in a car's ignition. Good to know :) Phone company - make sure you ask for credit for the days you don't have phone $service!!! They won't give it to you unless you ask! I hope today goes much much better for you.

craftycherry said...

One day you will laugh at this..honestly!! Sorry you missed your quilt guild tho.. A good idea to list all the quilt tops. What a fulfilling time it will be to tick them off the list as yoiu go!
have a happy Christmas eve day
Love Cherry

Guðrún said...

Your house is looking like a house!!! Dear Kristie I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Lady of the Cloth said...

Oh, Kristie, I'm sorry about your day, especially missing quilt quild, and by the way, I think if you dig deep in that pile of quilts, you will find one with my name on it, no really, I think you will! You are such a prolific quilter, I'm envious. Do you use a long arm machine?
Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Hazel said...

Hope today is better for you ,your house is really coming along ,is there a move in date set yet .Just wanted to wish you and your family a
Very Merry Christmas

Julia said...

Hi Kristie,
What a day you had!
Your house is coming along nicely, guess you can't do much in winter, but you will get there!
I could not believe how many quilt tops you have done, I have only two and I can't stand that they are not finished..
Have a lovely Christmas with the family..
Hugs julia ♥

jillytacy said...

Wow the house is really coming along! I hope you had a great Christmas with Richard and the boys!

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Your list of quilt tops to finish is pretty impressive (or intimidating? lol) but know what is even more impressive? Your list of 2008 accomplishments! Way to go!!