Monday, December 28, 2009

Digging Around

Today when I checked my mailbox, I had a nice little surprise from my Secret Sister! She is the best! Here is my goodies....a flannel panel with farm animals on it, a jean pocket that is a magnet and has "Top Of The World" written on it (that is where I live), a notepad and pen set, recipes, and a metal cross cookie cutter!!!! She really pays attention to what I like!!! Of course, I live on a farm so the panel was perfect, and I do live on "Top Of The World" and I love the cross for two reasons....I am a Christian and I also collect metal cookie cutters!!! Thank you so very much Secret Sister!
This evening I started digging around again. I don't have a lot of storage space to put all of my quilting stuff so most of it is in totes. I started cleaning out totes, they get really messy when I get things out all of the time. So here you can see, I refolded some yardage! In this tote is 120+ yards of fabric. All cuts here are over 3 yard pieces, some up to 10yards! :)
While I was digging around I also found this "Bow Tie" quilt that I started several months ago. I have all of the blocks pieces and three sections of the quilt pieced together. Another 30 minutes working on it and I will have the top completed! I am easily sidetracked! :) This is something that I have put at my sewing table to get done ASAP!
I also found these 4 tops that are pieced but just need borders sewn on. Some of the borders are already cut and some of them need cut and I already have the fabric for them.
I found this quilt too!! I love this one. I don't have a lot done on it but it is called "Everlasting Wreath" It is paper pieced and I don't have a lot of it done but I just love the finished quilt on the pattern. It is hard to tell much about it here, because I have it laying on top of another quilt.
Now I will add this one to my list to work on in 2010. I may not get it done, because I have several others to finish too, but I would like to work on it from time to time.


Amelia said...

You showed us some beauties in these quilts.

Your secret sister was a sweetheart to send those items.

Have a great week.

Carla said...

I need to go through my UFOs and make a list of what I want to finish in 2010. You are so close to having several more ready to quilt on your frame.
The gifts are so sweet! Don't you love surprises like that?

Colleen said...

Lots of fabric in storage! Nice :o) I am loving your paper-pieced quilt....that is beautiful!

Libby said...

You do beautiful work Kristie! and what a great Secret Sister! I cant wait to see the quilts that you do this year!

Winona said...

Kristie, I love that Everlasting Wreathe quilt. All the rest of them are great too, but that one jumped out at me. I hope you have a wonderful 2010. Winona

Gina said...

Great goodies.

I love the look of that Everlasting Wreath quilt

Love and hugs Gina xxx

julieQ said...

Don't you love mail like that? I think it is fun to find old projects and also find renewed enthusiasm to finish them up!

jillquilts said...

Wow!! You could have your own quilt shop! lol

Love the Everlasting Wreath! It's striking!!

This year for me is going to Focus on Finishing.... I think that you need to adopt that mantra, too! lol

Happy New Year!!

Nishant said...

The gifts are so sweet! Don't you love surprises like that?

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