Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This and That...

I got my customer quilt quilted and off the frame at the last minute. I still need to do the binding on it and it will be ready to be picked up. Got my frame took apart and moved to the new house, but still need to put it back together again and get back to quilting. I have a few more customer quilts to do.

I did get my new couch and chair on Saturday! I was so excited since this was the first new set that I had gotten in 17+ years! I just wish that I was moving it in the new house and not in here but hopefully in a few more months I can move it out to the house.

Well.....Andrew turned 18 on the 24th of Feb. He is still in high school and doing great, still making the honor roll. Already enrolled in college for Fall. He needed something dependable to drive back and forth to school in the Fall so here is what he got yesterday!!!! A Nissan Frontier! He loves it and he bought it with HIS own money!!! I'll post photos of him with his truck as soon as I can catch him home! Hehehehe! All he wants to do is drive. I'm sure all of that will change when he has to fill it back up with gas again.
As far as quilting.....I have a big mess right now. Trying to sort through some of this stuff and move part of it on out to the house. Well, I'm moving quilting stuff that I don't think I will need for a while. Finding some things that I didn't remember having, so that is sort of fun. I have found a zillion UFO's! :( Some of them that I want to finish and others that I'm not sure about. I did find one that has all of the blocks pieced they just need to be sewn together into a quilt top, so I may work on that.


Lib said...

Love the couch!
Congrats to Andrew! Once they start driving we lose them huh?
Glad you finished the quilt ,I need to organize fabric&supplies, bet I could find UFO's lol.
have a great day!

Libby said...

Way to Go Andrew!! Love the truck! Keeping gas in a car IS a whole other matter!! I LOVE that couch and the pillows are just beautiful!! Have a great day!

Texan said...

Lovely new furniture girly! I know you must be excited!

Good for your son buying his own truck! Kids appreciate what they pay for themselves a lot more I think :O).. and double good for him on good grades and enrolled in college already. Boy these days college is a have to isn't it!

I spent quite a bit of time taking out stitches today on a block. I am about to go at it again now!

jillquilts said...

Congrats to Andrew! Love the couch! And woo hoo on getting the quilt quilted!