Saturday, November 12, 2011

The whole set is finished....

I'm so excited that I got this finished! This is a crib set for a local lady that is getting ready to have a little baby boy! In this set is a large crib comforter, a bumper pad for the crib and 3 camo pillows for the nursery. The comforter is made up of camo fleece, batting in the middle and the brown fuzzy stuff on the back. It will be so warm. The bumper pads came together wonderfully. I was a little nervous about making them because these were the first ones that I had ever made but they went together really well. Then there are 3 pillows for the nursery, one large and 2 smaller ones.

I've not worked a whole lot with fleece but it really wasn't too bad. Not bragging on myself but I just love how this set turned out. Now....I just hope she is happy with it too!
I always stress out over my holiday sewing but I'm hoping that I will get a few more local sales before Christmas. The extra money is always nice to have during the holidays. :)

Yesterday I was out with mom while she had to go get her flu shot and stuff like that. We stopped at the quilt shop in Ashland because I needed to pick up a special backing for a customer quilt. Here is what I ended up with.... The large piece is the backing for a quilt that measures 98x114!! The piece on the far right is the fabric for the binding for that same quilt. The others are 1/2 yd pieces. The red goes in the pile for my red and white quilt that I am slowly making. The other two pieces just go in my stash. Here are the other 12 pot holders that I was working on the other day. I still need to bind them and they will be finished! They are so quick and easy and a great way for me to use of some odd scraps and strings. Tonight I am planning on piecing together one of the 4 patch flip quilts. I have all of the blocks sewn together, I just need to complete the top. I'll have to look through my stash to find something that will work for the border. I'll post photos of that as soon as I can.



Texan said...

Love the baby set!!!! The quilting on the blanket just looks so nice! I am sure your client will be thrilled!

I have to get going on my pot holders for Christmas too!

Janet O. said...

The camo set looks really good, Kristie. You did a great job with it.
Your potholders look fun--you have really churned them out!

lil red hen said...

I always enjoy stopping by to see what you're making. You do great work, and so much of it!