Friday, January 27, 2012

Making Progress

The past few days I have been at the frame quilting. This first one, the lady called it Mariposa. I think that actually may have something to do with the fabric. It has lots of butterflies on it. Actually both of these quilts belong to the lady that owns the quilt shop. This one measures 65x75 and I quilted it with a panto called "popcorn" a very easy one to do. I ended up having to pick out the first whole row and changed the threads. It wasn't quilting that great and I'm wondering if it had something to do with the gold paint stuff on the fabric, know what I'm talking about? After I changed the thread everything was fine.

This is the one that I quilted yesterday and they both had to be delivered today! This one was pretty big measuring in at 96x106. I just couldn't get motivated with this one, I love the pattern, I just didn't like the design that she wanted quilted on it. The design wasn't even a hard one, it's just one that I find boring and I don't ever like to use it. The panto is called "cotton candy" It took me all day just because I kept walking away from the machine. :) Seems like I always end up putting things off to the last minute. I quilted on it until bedtime last night and then got up, got Richard and Hunter off to school, finished quilting the quilt and was out the door by 8:30am! How's that for pushing it??? LOL!
I delivered them both this morning and she was very pleased with them. I had several more quilts to pick up from the shop that other people had left for me, so now I have 18 waiting to be quilted. That is a little stressful knowing that I have that many waiting to be done but then again, I am very thankful that I have them to do. I'll get them done, I just need to pace myself and schedule so many a week to do. I don't want to quilt these client quilts seven days a week, I would like to sew somethings for myself too. Is that being selfish?

I have several big ones waiting to be quilted and one baby quilt that I can't wait to show you all, it is super cute! One of those quilts measures 110x118 and that is the first quilt that she has ever made. I was just shocked that someone would make one that big for their first quilt. Oh well, at least she jumped in head first into quilting.

Back to that big Carpenter's Star quilt that I just showed you above....that quilt shop sells those kits and I'm thinking about getting one to make later as a gift. I know that it wouldn't really be that hard to pull the fabrics from my stash and the pattern is easy to make, but I do like some of the fabric choices that they have in the kits. They have a couple of different colorways in the kits. Anyway, the kit costs $75 and the quilt measures 96x106 and I think that includes the binding fabric (I'll have to check on that to make sure) Is that a good price or is that high? I don't usually buy kits that often so I really don't know.

Yesterday while I was trying to avoid doing that quilt, I made Hunter a batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies. He was soooo pleased when he got home from school and said, "Mom, you make the best Chocolate Chip Cookies in the world" and gave me a big hug and kiss. He doesn't have to know that they came from a bag of Betty Crocker Cookie Mix, does he??? LOL!
Now I am waiting for them to get home from school. Supper is on the stove, we are having Spaghetti and Garlic toast with Chocolate Pie for dessert.


Janet O. said...

It would give me stress to have that many quilts piled up to do. But, yes, it is a blessing that you have them to do.
I've never bought a quilt kit, so I am no help as far as pricing goes.
Got a laugh about you always walking away from the quilt and putting things off until the last minute. I hear ya!
Another delicious dinner menu. Wish I was your neighbor and could drop by and get myself an invitation to join you!

Libby said...

Oh my gosh! Your suppers always sound so so good!
and about that kit, I don't know for sure but $75 for a quilt that size sounds good to me. It is a very nice looking that pattern!
I know what you mean about needing some quilting time of your own. Maybe you could set hours (or days) to only work on clients quilts. Like before lunch 3 days a week. Any other time would be your quilt time. Maybe it would work. I am so like you..if I'm not enjoying it I will put it off til the last second;)

Darci said...

That's one of the drawbacks of people knowing you can quilt for them. You're always in demand and you do such a nice job on them. My aunt bought a Voyager a couple of years ago to do her own quilts and the next thing she knew, she was in business and now has no time for her own stuff. You'll get them done. Happy quilting!

Rhonda said...

You are so talented and dedicated to you task. Great job, if you ask me!!

Honey Bear said...

You do such a nice job quilting all those quilts. That is why you have so many waiting. Hopefully they won't be in such a hurry for them so you will have time to do some of your own for your new house.

Joanne said...

Beautiful quilts - good for you for finishing them so quickly, and good luck with all the other quilts!
The price for the kit seems very good for such a large quilt (although fabric here is more expensive, so maybe I am not the best judge).

Yvette said...

I think its great that you are getting so much business. A blessing for sure but remember to take a little time for your own quilts too.

No, Hunter need not know how the cookies were made. LOL!

lil red hen said...

Your work is so pretty! Maybe your clients won't be in a hurry for you to finish their quilts and you will find time to work on something for yourself. To be this busy means your work is extra special!

Anita said...

You are wise to schedule quilts and pace yourself. I didn't do that for the first 10 years I quilted for others and boy I went through burn out big time and a very hard time getting in the mood to quilt for anyone. Deep down I resented not having time to sew or quilt for myself. It was nobody's fault but mine I guess I just had to learn that lesson the hard way.

Jay in Nebraska said...

Very pretty quilts. This is how I determine if I want to buy a kit. I look at the fabric and make sure it is good quality. Then I roughly estimate how much yardage it would take to make. A quilt that large I would use 8 yards as a base. Then I times that number by the cost of fabric per yard. Most fabrics at my quilt shop are between 9 and 12 bucks a yard, so I would use 10.50 as a median. So if that kit was in my shop for $75 I would think it was a ok deal based on $10 a yard.

jillquilts said...

Great job on the quilting! I would love to have that many waiting, but I think I would stress a lot about it, too. Do make sure you take time to sew for yourself! :)