Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What is your favorite POLY batting?

What is your favorite POLY batting?

I have several clients that want POLY batting instead of cotton. I am looking for a good, CHEAP poly batting that I can buy on a roll and it not cost me an arm and a leg. Some of my clients send batting with their tops and some do not. Some love cotton 80/20 blend or Warm & Natural. I have in stock 80/20 cotton, Warm & Natural and a thicker (high loft) poly. I am looking for a thinner loft that would be about the same loft as Warm & Natural....or at least I think.

I've been online today looking around for rolls that are not too costly, but I can never find out the loft, if it is needle punched or not, or if it is just fuzzy when you take if off the roll. Some places will say it is so many ounces per square yard and then you look at that same ounce weight on another website and it gives you a total different loft thickness.

So I'm just curious that if you do use POLY batting, which one is it?

Thanks so much


bernie said...

Hi Kristie, I don't buy batting by the roll, but I have been experimenting with different battings while trying to learn FMQ, anyway try this link
There is a good description on the batts and there is a chart in there somewhere that explains the loft equivilent to weight. Hope that helps. Bernie

Roxann said...

Have you considered "Soft and Bright" by the Warm company? ...same company that makes warm and natural. It is their version of poly made in a similar fashion, reasonably priced, and comes in rolls.

Leah S said...

I bought 6.6oz bonded polyester batting 96" wide in a 55 yard roll from Marshall Dry Goods. Their page shows they still have it for $83, and I think shipping was around $30.

I bought it 3 years ago and probably still have 15 or 20 yards left. I've portioned it into top sizes and then put them in space saver bags. But I'm not a long arm quilter.

I did blog about it, it's very fluffy. ;)

As for working with it, it feels thick when you're pinning it and such, but dense quilting makes it a lot flatter. It's held up fine and I don't have any bearding like I do with the polyester battings from JoAnn's or Walmart.

I wish they had 60" wide or 72" wide batting... that would fit a lot more of my quilts better. Alas. :)

You'll have to let us know what you pick and how much you pay for it, I'm always on the lookout for good deals.

lil red hen said...

Can't help you with this one ~~ unless I order batting, I'm stuck with Wal Mart's selections, and they do "migrate". I hate that! I'm currently hand quilting with a cotton batting purchased online from Connecting Threads.