Friday, February 3, 2012

Talking paint...

This morning I had to make a quilt drop off at the quilt shop. I did pick up a couple of fabrics but I have already put them upstairs in my sewing room. One is a red, I had some of it and used it for my log cabin centers and I wanted all of the centers to be the same in all of the blocks. I picked up an extra yard of that. Also I picked up a half yard of some beige background print just to add to my stash. I'm not going to be working on any customer quilts this weekend, I will start working on those again on Monday. This weekend I hope to get my sewing room cleaned up and work on my log cabin blocks.

I've been looking at paint samples until my eyes are crossing. As of right now the only rooms that are painted are the main bathroom and Hunter's room. I posted photos of those before but here they are again.
So here are a few of the paint colors that I am thinking about for a few of the other rooms. Nothing is set in stone yet, but I think I like these colors. This first sample is what I am thinking about painting the main part of the house. This would be for the living room, hallway, my sewing room and the 40 ft wall upstairs that over looks the living room. We figured up the square footage and would need about 15 gallon of paint for this!! I know it sounds like alot but these are big rooms and I have a 22ft tall wall in the living room and that 40ft wall that over looks the living room is 12ft tall! So with so much to paint in these areas I didn't want to go too crazy. This one is called French Toast. What do you think?
This is what I am thinking for the kitchen. It is called Suddenly Saffron. It is an orange/brown color, actually more orange than brown but not a bright orange. My kitchen is 20x20ft so I will need several gallon of it too.
My bedroom is what I really didn't have a plan for before we moved in. Here are a few photos and maybe you can tell me what you think. Here is my master bedroom is also 20x20 and has 2 windows and a set of french doors that will eventually go out onto a private deck. My bedroom furniture is all antique pieces. This is the dresser that I have in there but I don't have the mirror up there yet, I was trying to wait until I painted the walls.
And here is our bed, complete with the original metal springs! I'm thinking that I will paint the bed a flat black or a dark bronze. I know that may sound weird but I've had the bed white for years and decorated with blue/yellow/white. The other bed that my grandmother had was dark. I would like to maybe use the Courthouse Step quilt (that is still not finished) If you remember it has darker fabrics and beige background fabrics Most of them are Civil War Reproduction fabrics. So now that I have told you that long is the paint that I am thinking about for the master. It is called Tea Stained. It is a few shades darker than the paint sample for the living room. Now that I have bored you all to death talking about paint colors. I will leave you with a photo of our supper for tonight. Rotisserie Chicken. I put the rotisserie rub on it and popped it in my little rotisserie oven and it was done in about 2 hours. Served with mashed potatoes, peas and rolls. Hopefully tomorrow I will be back with some log cabin blocks to show!!!


Janet O. said...

I love your colors--warm and inviting. I remember so well going through this process on our own home. Fun, but stressful. Since we live in a dome with a very high ceiling over the loft in the living room, it took a lot of paint, too, and I knew if I didn't like the color it wouldn't be getting redone anytime soon. I chose a light tan color and I have liked it!
Good luck!

Erica said...

The green is really nice in Hunter's room - so fresh but not trendy. I like the colour for your bathroom - would you consider that for all your main rooms? The french toast and tea don't really sparkle, but I know it's hard to capture colour very well in photos. The colour on Hunter's wall would be pretty in a master - it would set off your iron bed so nicely, even if you did decide to pain it. Anyway, they are all very pretty colours. It is exciting to see your progress on the house.

lil red hen said...

Interesting post! Makes me yearn to get my last two rooms with wood (60s)paneling painted. I'm sure the colors you pick will be nice. By the way, your iron bed is just like mine! It took about 25 years to ever get it painted but I love it! (Mine is white.) The dresser is beautiful too!