Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Another sleepless night...

Well here it is 4:20am and I have been awake for hours! I think it is really starting to get to me, being without my quilting machine. I did get a little good news yesterday afternoon. My machine was shipped out and should arrive in 5 to 7 days!!! I never imagined that I would be as stressed as I am over that machine, but then again this is my income right now. I haven't even been in my sewing room for 2 days. I do think that today I will go up and clean it so it will be all neat and ready for when my machine does get here.

Did I tell you all that Richard graduates next month??? I am sooooo excited. It has been a long haul for us but well worth it in the end. For those that haven't been with me for that long, hubby lost his job December of 2009. You talk about stress! He lost his job December 2009 and started Nursing school 3 weeks later! I am so proud of him for going back to college at the age of 40, I know that was hard for him, but he did it. He graduates May 12 and that is also our 11th anniversary! So it will be a very special day for us. Even though his graduation date is the 12th of May he will not be finished for another month or so. He has something like 160 hours of clinicals, which he has been having clinicals all along and then lots of testing and boards, stuff like that. So by the middle of summer he should be finished.....I guess.

Now on to the sewing or lack there of...I started piecing together my spiderweb. I'm telling you this is not even a hard pattern but I am having to MAKE myself finish this thing! I think I am just so tired of having it lay around. Anyone else ever feel like that with some of them? I'm really not crazy about square quilts but I just couldn't stand the thought of making 5 more of these blocks. :( So in the end it will be square and measure somewhere around 72 inches. I had the blocks and border strips up on the wall to see how it was going to look and I just wasn't pleased with it. I felt it needed a small inner border to break the red up.

So now I'm thinking that I may add this 2 inch inner blue border in it. I'm not crazy about it but it is what I had in my stash. Oh do you see my Hugs & Kisses blocks at the top? I pieced a few of them to see how it was going to look. So I think after I get this spiderweb top finished I will work on it like I did my log cabin blocks. I did those as I was taking breaks from my quilting machine.

Since these photos I now have all of the blocks sewn into rows. Now I just need to MAKE myself finish it up. It's not like it would take that long to do.

Mom comes home from work on Thursday! Well, maybe I should say Friday since it will be extremely late on Thursday. I think she said the boat would be in St. Louis when she got off of it and that is something like a 8 or 9 hour drive for them to be back here. I'm anxious to see here, I miss her so much when she is gone. I can't wait for her to retire so that we can spend more time together. She is only 58 so she still has a few years before she will be doing that.

I guess I will close for now and maybe do another load of laundry before everyone gets up.


Suzan said...

I can't believe Richard is graduating already! I think I have been reading your blog forever!! I know that between school and working on the house, it has been a long haul for both of you. At least the end is in sight! Girl, get some sleep. Worrying about it won't get that machine back to the house any faster. I learned something very important from my mother. Never worry about the things over which you have no control. It will help you sleep better at night!

Katie M. said...

ugh... no sleep - been there/done that. I rarely worry. I have this mantra that I live by - I take care of the little stuff and let God take care of the big stuff - sort of like Suzan said - no sense spending energy on things you have no control over. oh, for me it's usually a case of too many projects in the works and the brain wants to keep working them.....
Congratulations to Richard on his upcoming graduation - and on a special day as well.
The spider web - I have never done one. No words of advice from me but again, I think we've all been there - just want to get it done and 'out of the way'
Hope you're able to get some pleasant restful sleep tonight - maybe preparing for the return of your machine will help.

lil red hen said...

Love your spider web quilt! The blue borders are perfect for it. I've finally finished mine! after about five months of having it in the frames! Of course, I hand quilt. It was a top that had been in the cupboard a long time.

Congratulations to Richard ~ such a great accomplishment!

Hope your machine makes it home soon!

Janet O. said...

That is so exciting that Richard will be finished soon! What an accomplishment!!
I know where you are coming from with the worry thing. Even though I know I can't do thing one about a situation and just need to trust the Lord, my mind will not let it go. People will tell me not to worry about things I can't change and I want to say, "great, how do you shut it off?" I think I am getting a little better at it, but then, I am getting close to your Mom's age, so I've had lots of practice. : )
I thing the blue border is an excellent touch to your spider web top. It highlights the blues in the quilt and tames the red a bit. Looks great!

jillquilts said...

Woo hoo for Richard! And wonderful news that the machine is being sent back! I know that you are stressing about that, but having it on it's way is a good thing. Love the blue inner border. Those blocks are too cute!

vtquilter said...

Kristie, I hope you were able to sleep last night. Big Congrats to Richard on his upcoming graduation. That is a big accomplishment and I know you are so proud of him. I love your spiderweb quilt and the blue inner border really makes it pop those blues. I hope the machine makes it nice and safe to your house quickly, and as Jill said at least it is on it's way now.

Narelle said...

Congratulations to Richard!

The blue border really does make a big difference. I get that same feeling with some projects ... they just become a chore rather than a joy to work on ... guess that's why they're still in the UFO pile :) Good on you for finishing!