Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend update...

Still waiting on my machine but the tracking number shows that it should be delivered TOMORROW!!! That is good news! Actually since I live out in the middle of nowhere, UPS usually doesn't get up here until late in the evening, but that's okay, at least it will be here.

I really haven't been in the mood to sew. I guess I was just stressed over that machine. My spiderweb quilt still looks like this... It hasn't been touched since I last posted. I will probably finish it up in the morning so that I can have it out of the way and my sewing room cleaned up for when my machine arrives.
And since I really don't have anything quilty to show you, I found this quilt that was saved on my computer that I did several years ago. :) Sorry that the photo is sideways but you still get the idea of it. I just love this simple pattern, it goes together so quick and works great with scraps too. I've made a few using this pattern. Now on to other things...Here is a photo of my boys yesterday. I think they were playing games on Andrew's IPhone. I love my kids and I am the happiest when we are all home together. can see my log cabin is still hanging on the wall in the background. It is still unfinished. All I have to do it sew the borders on it and the worst part is....I already have them cut, but just too lazy to sew them on. :( Here is Hunter that I just snapped a few minutes ago. He is such a sweetie. After Church this morning, Hunter rode home with a friend to play for a little while and Richard and I drove in to town to visit with his mom and grandmother and make a quick stop by the grocery store. Anyway, Hunter is back home now and Richard is gone to Church for the evening service. I didn't go because I had a slight backache. I know that really isn't a good excuse but still that is why I didn't go tonight.

I mentioned that I stopped by the grocery store while in town, I needed a few HOT peppers. I woke up this morning wanting some Mexican cornbread so bad that I could almost taste it. I had everything except for the hot peppers. It is made and I am just waiting for it to cool just a little so that I can get started eating it. :) That's all for tonight. I'm off to eat some Mexican cornbread....Oh and I will leave you will a photo of the little spoiled girl that I have been babysitting 5 days a week for that past couple of weeks......My sister's dog, Zoey! She is so spoiled. Anyway, she has seizures really bad and they had switched her meds and my sister is afraid to leave her alone while she is gone to work. My doggies love to play with her.


Joanne said...

I hope your machine gets delivered!
The quilts looks wonderful (so does the cornbread).

Yvette said...

I can't believe your machine isn't home yet. You must be having withdrawals. LOL!

Everything looks great. I love those log cabin blocks. I am saving all my CW scraps so that I can make one like yours. I love how you used paper to make them perfect.

Honey Bear said...

I know you will be so happy to get your machine back. I had a problem with my Janome machine yesterday and hated the thought of taking it in but my DH fixed it for me. :o) Your sister's dog is very cute!

Janet O. said...

I hope you can get your Spider Web sewn together before your machine arrives. What a feeling of accomplishment that will be. I love that scrappy quilt!

Paige said...

I can't wait to see your spider webs complete. I've always wanted to do one of those! Oh, and I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Keep publishing and show us all your beautiful creations!