Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sorting Stash

 I'm making a little progress on my pillowcases!  I've made 5 of them so far.  They really don't take that long to make, so I enjoy that.  

Here are the first five...

 If anyone else is interested in making some to donate to "For Jamie's Sake" you can click on the tab at the top of my blog.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.  There are also several free tutorials and patterns for the pillowcases.  Here is one that I found that is quick and easy.  There are also several on You Tube.  
 A few nights ago, I could not sleep and it was fairly cool so I made my way upstairs to the sweat shop and organized some of my fabric.  I don't have near the stash that I use to have but what I do have, I had in plastic drawers and totes and it was always hard to find anything.  I decided to put it on my shelf so that it would be in sight and I might be a little more inspired.  The top shelf of fabric contains anything from 1/2 yard cuts to 2.5 yards.  The second shelf of fabric contains anything from 3-5 yard cuts.  Beside the shelf, I have a couple of bolts.  I still have my fat quarters, panels, and novelty fabrics in plastic drawers.  Oh and also my civil war repros are in a separate tote too.  I do have some of my civil war yardage on the second shelf.  For now, I like it better this way.  
 Here are a few of the string blocks that I made out of my light strings.  I think I have 56 blocks done so I will probably do a 7x8 setting with 2" solid strip sashing between.  I know it's not going to be real pretty but these were piling up like crazy.  
 Today has been a long but good day!  My mom had a company picnic thing at an amusement park about an hour or so away.  We went there back in July with the Church too.  Anyway, we all had a wonderful time but I'm afraid I will be laid up on the couch for awhile.  My hips, back and legs are throbbing like crazy!  I can't even stand up straight to walk.  UGH!  :(  

I'll probably have another post tomorrow night to show you a couple of other exciting things.  Well....they are exciting to me.  :)  Tonight I'm just too tired to post about it all.


Janet O. said...

Nice pillowcases. I picked up fabric to make two. Juvenile prints and fun, bright fabrics are things my stash really lacks, so I needed to shop (any excuse I can find).
Your stash looks so neat and nice. Even after I organize mine doesn't look that good.
I think your light strings will look good with colored sashing. You see that in reverse all the time. It will be a fresh take on it. You could alternate the direction of the strings, like on a rail fence, to give it more visual interest.

Libby said...

WOW! Your fabric looks so pretty and neat! I know that is some hard work and takes times to get a stash looking that neat;) Thanks for posting the pattern links. I have my fabric prepped and plan on doing some sewing this long weekend! Hope you feel better!

Suzan said...

A few months ago I re-organized my fabric (for about the 10th time!) and decided to make the mini bolts with foam core. I put them on the shelf like you did and I love it! I can see everything I have that is decent yardage and it looks so pretty on the shelves. Love how yours looks.
I have my fats and half yard pieces in clear shoeboxes so they are organized and easy to see so I am able to find fabric much faster. Now, if I could just get all the scrap fabric organized! Let me know if you have any good ideas for that!!

Yvette said...

Your pillowcases turned out great! I participated in one a while back. Very fun and rewarding! Your strings make me realize I nee to work on my string blocks for charity, what better day than Sunday to do that.

I look forward to your news!

julieQ said...

You know, I worry about your back and legs since your careful and take your time kristie!! Love your stash, it is wonderful!!

Dora, the Quilter said...

One of the best things I've done is put the stash in bookshelves like books. (I use two or three sheets of cardstock and leave it inside the fabric.)
Soooooo much more organized, so much prettier, so much more inspiring!