Monday, October 14, 2013

1935 New Home Sewing Machine

My new addition....1935 New Home!  
 I think I mentioned it on here a few months ago but a dear friend of mine offered me 2 sewing machines if I would just pick them up.  This was all before my sister's wedding and I was really busy but she held them for me.  Today while in town we drove on over and picked ONE of them up since that was all that we could fit in the Jeep.  I'm getting the other one tomorrow!  :)
 A photo of the decals...before cleaning!  I called Janome with the serial number and they gave me a year of 1935. 
 The manual and all of the attachments that were listed in the manual were there too!  I cleaned, oiled, greased, and adjusted and she sews wonderful!!!!
 I also canned some apple pie filling and Mt. Dew Jelly!  Andrew asked for the Mt. Dew Jelly, this was my first time making it.  I know it isn't really healthy for you but a little treat every now and then will not hurt...right?  LOL!

 Last but not least....Leo and Mammy!  Leo had her toy and she was trying to sniff it out!  LOL!  She is growing soooo fast!  When I got her she weighed 8.8lbs at 5.5wks.  She is 10wks old today and weighs 21.8 pounds!!! 
 I'll post photos of the other machine tomorrow!!!


Michelle said...

Have fun with your new machine. Your babies (pups) are cute, and growing so fast.

Looks like I missed some wedding posts. The wedding looked beautiful, and I pray your sister has a long, happy marriage.

Have a great week, Kristie!

Terry said...

What a wonderful old sewing machine! And I have to make some of that Mt. Dew jelly for my daughter! I'd never heard of it before, but I'm sure she'll love it! LOL

Missy Shay said...

I love your new machine! I have never heard of mountain dew jelly, nothing like caffeinated jelly! LOL