Friday, October 25, 2013

Piecing Turkey Giblets...

 More sewing today!  This pattern is called Turkey Giblets.  This is what I had done earlier today.  I have a little more if it done now.  These are not sewn together but when I do all of the points should meet up.  I did a wallhanging several years ago using this same pattern but in one piece of RED.  I loved it and wished that I had made a big quilt out of it.  So I started this one in assorted blues and I'm not really happy with it so I will finish it up as a baby quilt!  At least it will not be a UFO.  I plan on making it larger than this photo here and adding a blue border on it, quilt it and call it finished.  Hehehe! 
 I still need to piece 14 of the triangles with the white in the center and then I can assemble the top.  Hopefully I can get those pieced tomorrow. 
 I also quilted a little bit on this but then my thread broke so I stopped.  LOL! 
 If you remember the other day I posted a photo of the mess in my sewing room.  Well, one corner of it.  

 At least it looks a little better, for now anyway.  :)  

Yesterday after school Hunter had "Safe Trick-or-Treat" at school.  Here he is in his costume before we left.  He was Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty.  He loves that show. 
 And last I will leave you with a photo of Leo and Mammy.  LOL!  See Leo's ear!  I caught him in the middle of a head shake.  :)  They had just finished romping. 
 Off to do some dishes...  :(


Janet O. said...

I really like your blue/white Turkey Giblets!
Wow, the sewing room looks great! Wish I could come sew there! : )

Michelle said...

I love your blocks. Your quilt will be awesome. Your sewing room looks great,and I LOVED seeing your Singer 404 (can I say again, my favorite Singer?!) I also loved seeing your Singer 237. I have one out in the garage that needs a going over. We bought it right after I had surgery, and couldn't lift, and it hasn't made it into the house yet.

Hunter is just too cute! Mammy too! Have a wonderful weekend!

Michelle said...

Leo too!

Gayle said...

Are you paper piecing the giblets? That would be easiest for me to be accurate, but maybe you have mastered it with traditional piecing! Your string quilt is lovely - hurry and get it quilted (darn thread) And I loved seeing your sewing room - looks like everything has a home - so organized!

Deb A said...

Love the giblets! Great job on the clean up. I need to clear off my table tomorrow to pin a quilt.... should probably vacuum in there too. Lots of threads all over the white carpet!