Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Catching up...

 It's been a couple of weeks since I have posted so this is a photo heavy post.  First off let me start with some quilting stuff.  

My dear friend, Janet sent me some Civil War scraps and I cut out 132 more bow ties for my quilt to use as leaders and enders.  Thanks so much, Janet this gets me closer to my goal of 1080 bow ties.  
I had a birthday back on March 9th and had a wonderful day with my family.  Richard and my boys were teasing me about being 108...not 42, so look what they put on my cake.  Love them all so much. 
My mom and sister came by and brought me a chocolate cake!  So I had plenty of cake.  I also had a nice call at 2am from my brother.  When I answered the phone (in the middle of the night) he started singing "happy birthday" to me.  :) 
 Most of you all know that I love to can food.  I bought a bunch of chicken and some bratwurst on sale the other day so I canned them up for ready made meals.  This really helps me out, not only on the grocery bill by being on sale but also since everyone here is on different work/school schedules.  We don't always get to eat at the same time so this way we can grab a jar, heat it up and eat!  

14 quarts of Spicy Mexican Chicken Soup.  I added some potatoes and red pepper seeds as my guys like it hot. 
 I also canned some cooked chicken.  I will use this for chicken casserole, chicken salad and stuff like that. 
 And some bratwurst!  My boys laughed at these as they said it looked like a "science project gone bad!"  This was actually before they went in the canner.  I browned them in the oven and put 5 to a quart jar.  Pressure canned them at 10 lbs of pressure for 90 minutes.  Afterwards, they have a little bit of their own juice in the jar.  They have already eaten a jar of these.  They taste really good. 
 I feel like I have been having some issues with my ADD lately.  I keep jumping from thing to thing and very little seems to get done.  Well...I'm posting photos of things that I did get done but my house is a wreck!  LOL!  So....I got on this scarf making kick and I have made a zillion of them.  :)  I've actually sold a few of them.  They are fun and give me something to do to keep my hands busy when I don't feel like quilting. 
 Almost finished, if you are still reading.  :)  This is Hunter's "selfie" that I found this morning.  He was waiting on the bus...THAT DID NOT COME. 
 I called the bus garage to see where the bus was and they said that the bus driver said, "the road was covered with snow and too dangerous to drive on"  How dangerous does that look?  :(  I will not go into details but I was not pleased as this was NOT the first time this has happened.  So...I had to wait for Richard to get home from work this morning as he works night and I took Hunter to school.  He was late!  :( 
 Also this next photo is a long story but this is a photo of the front of my house as of this morning...
 Having to get a well drilled.  Our well went dry and the bottom caved in.  Yep....no water for a very long time. Good thing I am a country girl as we've had to pack water in and go to my mom's or sister's house to shower.  Very inconvenient but it is life and life goes on.  :)  At one point we even brought snow in in buckets to melt to flush toilets and such.  :)  That was when the weather was horrible.  LOL!

That's all for now...I'll be back in a few days


Lisa said...

I stumbled on to your blog a month or 2 ago. I have really enjoyed it, then realized you are in ky. We fantasize about living in ky. We live in oklahoma, and hope to sell our place. Then we have to decide whether to stay around here, or make the big move. I showed your blog to my husband, and he says, "see, you'd have a friend".
Hope you keep sharing your projects, it's inspiring!

Lisa Mikel said...

I hope you showed the school a picture of what the road really looks like. Shame on the driver. Your canning looks great. I love using my pressure cooker to can stuff too. Cute scarves!

Lady of the Cloth said...

That soup looks so good. I like to can too and recently canned chili and tuna. Do you share your recipes? I would love a new soup recipe. Sorry about the well. Isn't life just one thing after another. Glad you're back!

Janet O. said...

My goodness, so sorry you have had to sink a new well! That is pricey!!
You have been going gangbusters in the canning and scarf making departments! Both of those take great concentration in my book, girl!
Glad you like the scraps. How close are you to your goal?

Melanie said...

Gosh you have been busy!
I have always wanted to have a go at canning. I'm going to do some research. Yours looks so good. Xx