Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fun in the Sweat Shop!

 First off, thanks so much for all of the wonderful comments on my Sweet Annie quilt.  She is very special to me.  

Lot's going on in the sweat shop this week.  Hunter is grounded from everything so he has been bored and has spent some time with me in the sewing room only out of boredom.  :)  He also has a ton of extra chores....like splitting endless amounts of firewood and keeping all of the dishes done.  He has even scrubbed a few toilets!  LOL!  Before you think I am being too hard on him by making him chop firewood, we do have a log splitter so that makes it a lot easier.  Oh he has also even washed a few walls!  :)  I think the dishes has been the hardest on him.  He has dared anyone to eat out of anything other than paper!  LOL!  

Anyway....back to sewing....we made our first folded star potholder.  It is not perfect and still needs binding but it was fun.  We found the tutorial on Youtube.  
 We also cut and pinned more hexies for handwork. 
 Another Youtube tutorial that we found was for this little ornament.  Someday I plan on having a little Christmas tree in my sewing room.  This was a fun and quick ornament to make. 
 Hunter's job was to dig through the old buttons and find one that would look nice on it. 
 Here is our finished ornament. 
 I decided to add this border to the little quilt.  In this photo they are not sewn on but you get the idea.  I think I will add another border or two and call it finished. 
 In my next post I will show you the strips and pieces that we got cut out for my OMIGOSH! quilt.

Last night was Andrew's first 12 hour night shift out of the tugboat and barges.  Shew....the mother in me was stressed all night and worried.  I found it hard to sleep.  I kept worrying and wondering if he was cold.  He has a whole week of 12 hour night shifts and then a week of 12 hour day shifts.  He just called a few minutes ago and was on his way home.  It is a little over an hour drive.  He will sleep and do it all over again tonight.  


Deb A said...

You have been busy! Nothing wrong with having kids do chores...how else are they going to learn how to clean a house?.... or appreciate those who do? Pretty ornament - would look great hanging off a bow of greenery hanging on the wall?

Janet O. said...

Hunter must have done a pretty big no-no! : ) Good for you for making him accountable.
Parenting doesn't get easier just because they get bigger. I think I worry more for my adult kids than I ever did when they were little--their problems are bigger!
Love that little ornament. That button is a great little touch. I recognize the ornament next to it, too. : )

Becky said...

I love the ornament. Can you give me the url for the video? I have a quilting buddy I would love to make one for Christmas.