Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Treasure Hunting...photo heavy post

 I'm on a treasure hunt!  I'm trying to find my cutting and sewing tables!  LOL!  I have lots of sewing that needs to be done before Christmas and at this point I can't find anything or even work on anything.  During the summer I don't sew upstairs as it is just too hot and I have been sewing up there on and off since the weather is cooler but I am messy!!!  I get in a hurry and things just get piled.  Sadly this room hasn't been truly cleaned since last year.  Trust me some of these photos are GRUESOME!  I'm not holding anything back.  This is what I am starting with.... Mess and dust everywhere, yep that is a cobweb in the corner!  LOL!  I even see 2 empty cans of Diet Pepsi. 
 My cutting table....tons of different projects, more empty Diet Pepsi, I even see a pack of crackers that I was actually snacking on while I was cleaning.  They were fresh as I brought them with me as I went up to clean.  I am only doing one corner at a time until I get it finished and then I will have to buckle down and sew. 
 Now to all of the things that I found on the tables and below....Burp cloths for my sister!  Here are 9 of tem in various stages at this point.  The monkey ones on top look more suitable for a boy and she is having a GIRL...but she is getting them anyway as all she will be doing is spitting up on them, right.  The others underneath are pinks and more girl looking fabrics.  These got boxed up to finish after the first of the year as she is not due until April. 
 A pile of strips that will eventually be made into an Omigosh quilt.  I love the pattern and the pieces are so very tiny.  I figure I will just cut a little at a time until I have enough.  These got boxed up also but I will keep cutting strips from my scraps as I can. 
 I also found some 4 patches in a few different sizes.  These finish at 2"  most of these are in sets of 2 right now so they need to be mated and sewn on into 4 patches.  At this point there are only 23 of them finished.  No particular pattern for them, I just figure I will use them somewhere down the road. 
 More squares for 4 patches.  Lots of blues in there so I need to cut different colors to mix in.  These are 2" squares. 
 I have several 4 patches already made with the 2" squares.  Here are 140 of them that finish at 3"
 All of these 4 patches and squares are neatly stored away now in this little tote. 
 After putting those away, I found more in sets of 2 that need to be finished.  I will put those by the sewing machine to finish up and then they will go in the tote with the others.  Yep....that's my crackers in the corner of the photo.  :)
 I closed up my 1906 Singer treadle and moved it in front of my big window.  Not sure if it will stay there or not.  This is the first time that I have had anything in front of the window.  I originally planned on a big comfy chair by the window when we were building the house, but that hasn't happened yet.  I thought it would be nice to do some handwork by the window as it is great lighting.  If you look close in the windowsill you will see a pair of binoculars.  :)  That window is 4x8ft and with the location of the house on the property, I can see forever out that window.  I do occasionally watch deer, squirrels, coyotes, and our horses running around on the property. 
 Hmmm...I sure got off track, didn't I?  So this is the after of my sewing and cutting tables.  Not perfect but better!  This is a huge room and sadly this was the cleanest corner in it so I started there.  :)  You can see in those photo that I also straightened up my fat quarters and I have several empty cubes.  :(  I need to work on that and fill it back up.  I also have a few scrap tubs on my cutting table. 
 In this photo I have the top case to my 1911 Singer sitting on top of my treadle but I have moved it now.  I also moved my ironing board back over there.  I need to staple the new cover on it, right now it is just laying over the top of it.  This is an old wooden ironing board that belonged to Richard's grandmother. 
 Now if I can only keep it clean while I work on the rest of the room.  :(
 I almost forgot...I found my hexies under some of the mess too. 
 I have 94 of them in this stage... I need a few hundred more of these sets of 4.   
 Next area up....the sofa and table...  :(  It's horrible.  I promise there is a sofa there and a table!!!  LOL!  I see lots of leftover backing pieces, bubble wrap?  LOL!  some baby stuff, oh and a sewing machine in the floor beside the table.  It's in the box...I need to find a place to store it. 
 So I'm going to try to get this all cleaned and be more organized so that I can get things done.  I also plan on posting more regularly as I my comments are way down and I miss reading them.  

Okay...break is over.....back to cleaning....maybe...


Janet O. said...

I love your nice, big sewing room. That has got to feel good to be getting it whipped into shape!

Becky said...

Don't feel like the Lone Ranger!! Sometimes I get so excited that I have found a large chunk of time to go to my Roomio to sew......only to find that I have to spend the time cleaning because of the big mess I have made by just finding little chunks of time to sew! It's a cycle that apparently is part of a quilter's life!

BUT, today I have to organize the house in readiness for Thanksgiving company! Beds to strip, floors to scrub and all that jazz! Love it!

I love your posts, so I hope you can find time to do some more! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Great sewing room! I have an attic sewing room that I'm working on now. Just need to sand the walls & prime/paint and decide on flooring. It's going to be my sanctuary. I can make a mess & leave it & no one can see it. Loved seeing where you create.


Katie M. said...

I discovered the more room I had, the more cluttered I became! Alas, I am not giving up my space, so I'll deal with my clutter :-) Well, when I have time....

Texan said...

I have spent a couple days so far cleaning, organizing, etc in my sewing room! I am not done but getting close. We are reworking my sewing room more into a drapery work room so its been a process for sure, from reworking my large quilting table to the correct height and size to be a drapery table to moving my loom to a new room and all sorts of other rearranging and organizing. :O) It will be great when we get it all done LOL

Deb A said...

I'm too chicken to show my room! Lets just say I have way too many projects in process... and they are all over the place. I started putting fabrics away and found a bunch of peels..... so promptly sewed them together. Oops..... that was my sidetrack. Must really clean up in there someday soon. I am afraid I might not make it out some day!