Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sewing right along...'s 5:30am and I still haven't been asleep.  I did sleep a couple of hours night before last but I was up all day yesterday and all night last night.  I'm still wide awake!  :(  Richard will be heading out the door in a few minutes and Hunter will be getting up in a few minutes.  Andrew will run me to town to the grocery store later today too.  

I'm still working on my Illusion quilt.  I should have the top completed this evening and ready to quilt.   I will probably do the binding by machine since I am pressed for time. 
I also need to bind this quilt.  It is a 4 patch flip that I quilted last January but never got the binding on it.  I need to get the binding done on it as it will also be a gift. 
I connected a few more hexie sets.  My stack is slowly growing. 
 Here is my little tub that I keep by my seat to work on my hexies.  Nothing fancy but it has a lid and I can grab it and go if needed.  I try to keep what I need in it to work on them.  You can see some hexies, pins, straw needles, threads, scissors, thimbles, my glasses, and for some odd reason there is a pen and my fitbit in there!  LOL!  I guess the Fitbit should be on my wrist not in the tub with my hexies.  :(
 I am also working on my Step 2 for Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt.  I started out doing these sections a different way and then just found that it was taking me longer so I changed over and started doing them this way.  Right now I am almost finished sewing the brown (which would be her "black") on the neutral rectangles. 
 I also whipped up some pumpkin cake donuts with cream cheese icing.  I made these yesterday and they are completely gone now.  Believe it or not but I didn't have the first one of them. 
 I had a doctor's appointment the other day and long story short....I need to exercise and lose some weight.  :(  I have some old hip and leg injuries that have been giving me some problems along with my back.  I have arthritis in the all but most of the pain is from the extra weight being put on them.  I also need to build up the muscles in my hip/leg area.  :(  Not what a person wants to hear but it could always be worse.  

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Janet O. said...

I wish you were able to get some sleep, Kristie. You certainly are getting a lot done, but you could probably benefit from more rest and less productivity, if your mind and body would cooperate!
Illusion is coming along very well.
That is a beautiful 4 patch flip, too.
I have a very similar little box for handwork that I use in the evening or grab when I will be on the go. Handy, huh?
Wishing you well in your efforts to find better health. Always a challenge, and I am dealing with some of that myself.