Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The New Year and Other Ramblings...

I whipped up a few hairbows for the new baby!  They are made with leftover fabrics from the 4 Patch Flip baby quilt that I made a few days ago.  They have little clips on the back so if she doesn't have hair we can clip them on some headbands.  :)
 Andrew sent me another photo last night.  He is way down south on the Mississippi River they are pushing tow right now.  He said it measures 900ft long and 108ft wide.  I sure miss him.  He called me around 5:30am this morning and it was so good to hear his voice.  He told me that he has lost 13lbs!  :(  That makes the mother in my worry because he is away from home but he assures me that he is eating really well but he hasn't been drinking his Coke and Mountain Dew. 
 Hunter spent the night with my mom last night so that left Richard and I home alone.  We just kicked back and watched a movie.  It just didn't seem right not having at least one of the boys home.  

Richard was on call today and we figured he would get called out with it being New Year's Eve.  Sure enough the phone rang at 5am!  I was a little sad at first but then he reminded me that this is 12 hours of overtime!!!!  I got over my sadness really fast!  LOL!  He will be home around 8pm so I can deal with that.  :)

I hope that everyone has a wonderful and Blessed New Year!  We never do anything for New Year's Eve other than stay home and watch tv.  Hunter always wants us to stay up until midnight with him so we do try to do that. 
 I got all of my Christmas decor down and boxed up but it still needs to go to the attic.  I planned on doing that yesterday but it never happened....maybe today?  


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

all that physical work for your son is making him loose fat and build muscle most likely - I bet they feed them good on those river boats - they usually do just like the guys in the Navy always had good food -- Happy New year to you.

Michelle said...

Happy New Year!