Thursday, January 1, 2015

Too Blessed to be stressed!

 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  I have been thinking about my new word or motto for this year and I found it!  "Too Blessed to be stressed"  I have so much to be thankful for to stay stressed out like I always am.  The Lord has Blessed me in so many ways.  I need to realize that I can't control every little thing in my life and life is too short to stress so much over the small things.  

So here is what is currently going on in my sewing world right now.  I worked on this stuff a little yesterday.  First off, I cut up some tiny polka dots for a new baby quilt. 
 As I was working on my mystery quilt, I would run one or two of these paper through the machine, just to get them started.  I printed out 30 of these. 
 This is my own design and I made a purple one a while back.  I gave it as a gift to Crystal, my sister's best friend.  Here is a pic of it. 
 For some reason I didn't get a photo of the mystery work that I was working on.  I will post that next time.  I was hoping to be close to caught up before she releases the next step tomorrow but that isn't going to happen.  

My sewing and cutting tables are just one big horrible mess.  Things get piled up really fast.  This started when I was doing my Christmas sewing and gift wrapping in the same area.  My leader/ender project is buried somewhere under it all so I just ran some small 4 patches through the machine.  I ended up with 20 more of these that makes a total of 159 of them.  I'm not even sure what these are going to go into but I will find something. 
 I also found one of these and ran it through the machine.  :)  This windmill block makes me 70 of them. 
 That's all for now!  Have a wonderful and Blessed day and New Year!  I hope to get some sewing in today!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

did you use the twister ruler for your windmill blocks - I bought it and then looked at the instructions and it seems such a waste of fabric I do not know if I will use it

Regina said...

:-) looks like tons of fun going on in your sewing room! Messy is sometimes a good thing ;-) Happy New Year!!!

Janet O. said...

I love those fun polka dots for the baby quilt.
I haven't made any windmills for several weeks. Need to get going on them. But I have been paper piecing and it is hard to use leader/enders when you are paper piecing. : )
I like your motto for the year.