Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Top Pieced and Starting Another...

 The top is pieced and the borders are on!!!  Now it goes in the pile to be quilted.
 All from tiny pin dots and it measures 48/55.
 I have the binding cut I will prep it soon.  Glad to have this one completed.  This makes 3 baby quilt tops ready for quilting. 
 Now on to work on another baby quilt!  This one will be a chevron quilt in larger polka dots.  At this point I don't know how big it will be.  I am using a leftover piece of white so I will piece blocks until I run out of the white. 
 I'm sure I could easily piece this one in a day and I hope to work on it today.  Hubby is on call today and if they are going to call they will be calling within the next 2 hours.  If he works I should be able to get this finished, if he is home...maybe not!  LOL!  Anyone else like that?  For some reason I find it hard to get a lot of sewing done when hubby is home.  I don't get a lot of cleaning done either. 

I also finished up a few more hexies.  I'm slowly adding to the pile.  I am close to the point that I need to dig through my scrap basket and prep a bunch more hexies for piecing.
Andrew called me today!  He will be home on the 19th!  I am counting down the days.  He sent me this photo today that he took while working his shift on the barges.  Shew....notice the ice?  I can't wait until he gets home. 
***UPDATE:  Richard was on call and just got the call that the census is up so off to work he goes!  That means that I will be sewing today!!!!!!

 Time to go and get my day started!


Janet O. said...

Congrats on the flimsy! Your baby quilts are very cute in polka dots!
I don't get as much done when DH is home, either, but I like to have him around. : )
Great shot Andrew took of the arch!

Michelle said...

Good job completing the quilt top! It's cute! I'm exactly the same...I don't always get as much done when Hubby is home either. We tend to do stuff together or run errands, etc.

Michelle said...

Love the quilt! I'm like you, if Louie is home, I don't get much done, but then, I don't get much done if he isn't home either! I'm in a slump!

Oh,St. Louis. Been there a couple times. Been to the Arch a couple times. Have a great weekend!