Saturday, January 3, 2015

Practicing Puffs

 As most of you know my sister, Chantal is having a baby in April.  She calls me yesterday and asks if I can make a puff/biscuit quilt.  I know these were really a big thing back in the 70's maybe a little in the 80's but I wasn't quilting then as I was born in the 70's.  :)  So I grabbed some scrap fabric that I could practice with.  I was just mostly trying to figure out how much stuffing she wanted in them. 
 She wants them pretty full with fluff as she plans on using it as a playmat on the floor.  She has wood flooring so she wanted something with some padding. 
 These are only practice pieces so now I just need to find out what colors that she wants me to use in the actual quilt/playmat.  Meanwhile, I will get back to working on the polka dot quilt.  I haven't touched it since this photo the other day. 
It's 6:15am so I've got to get my day started!  


Janet O. said...

I recall my Mom making a puff quilt back when they were "the thing". I'd forgotten all about it!

Michelle said...

I had someone ask me to make a puff quilt last year. I originally thought I would be able to do it...but the timing just wasn't right and I think this person really wanted it done at my own expense. Maybe for a family member, but I can't afford that for just a casual acquaintance that really doesn't want anything to do with me until they realize I make quilts. LOL Can't wait to see how yours turns out!

Texan said...

I have seen those puff quilts a lot on pinterest! They are neat I think.