Monday, February 23, 2015

Almost finished.... has been sooooo cold here in KY!!!  We got a ton of snow here last week and it is still hanging on.  It doesn't look like I will be getting off this hill until Spring!  :)  I mentioned in my last post that Richard was only able to get to the bottom of the hill and had to ride the 4 wheeler on up the hill to the house.  It is just crazy!  The forecast for Tuesday morning is -17 degrees with -35 windchill!!!  Can you believe that for KY?  Had some busted water pipes too.  :(

Anyway....working on trying to finish up things for the baby shower that is scheduled for this weekend.  Hoping that they will actually plow our road.  As long as I have lived up here, they have never plowed it when it snows but they are supposed to do it when they can get to it because my sister is 32 weeks pregnant and you just never know when and if she needs to get out and go to the hospital.  

I finally got the puff/biscuit/bubble quilt assembled.  I still need to add a backing to it and I'm thinking that I will add a RUFFLE around the edges.  Not a real big ruffle but a soft ruffle that is not real full.  Maybe....maybe not....I'll just wait and see when I get started on it.  :) 
 The puffs are stuffed really full as that is how Chantal wanted them.  :) 
 I'll post another photo of it once I add the backing and ruffle. 
 I also made 5 more hair bows!  I think this makes around 20 of them that I have made for the baby.  I will have to count to make sure but I think it is around 20. 
 I have also been working on some hexies.  :)  Just plugging along with these when I need a break from this other stuff. 
 It is 4:45am right now and Richard is up getting ready for work this morning.  The news says that the roads are solid ice so please say a little prayer that he gets to work safely.  

Hunter and Richard got out on the 4 wheeler yesterday playing around in the snow.  I think they both had a blast.  Richard was pulling him on the inner tube in the snow.  :)


Deb A said...

My kids were happy in shorts yesterday finally. I hope the busted pipes were not in the house. Wishing you some warmer weather. How is your bp doing? Hopefully it is under control now.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

in all our time living here in Arkansas (35 yrs) I do not think we have ever gotten below zero - I think our lowest was about 5 degrees. Whenever we are to get below 20 degrees though I leave several faucets dripping at night to prevent breaking and during the day if I will not be at home. So far no broken pips but it has not gotten as cold as y'all have had it. I do hope they plow your road as your pregnant sister sure needs it as does everyone else. Hope the weather warms up soon, we only got a half an inch yesterday and they say a little more today but not much - no ice in my area this time.
You have gotten a lot of work done being house bound

Janet O. said...

One challenge after another!
Hope your pipes get fixed, your road gets plowed and everyone comes through the freezing temps and icy roads without harm!!
That puffy quilt looks very fun!
Chantal's babe will have a bow for every day of the month by the time you are finished. : )

julieQ said...

Hey Kristie, love your puff quilt!! It is cold and icy here too...brrrrr!!! Stay safe and warm, perched up on your hill!