Monday, February 16, 2015


 First off, I want to thank you all for the prayers for Richard.  His appointment went well the other day.  Right now they think that the spot on his retina is okay.  He has to have it rechecked in 9 months and it will always have to be monitored.  They also said that the spot was in the best place possible.  It is on the front and if it was on the side then lots of times if it changes it is too late by the time that they find it.  Also with the location of his spot he should be able to notice any change in it before their tests would pick it up.  They said if there is any change then he would be able to see a yellow tinge.  Very thankful for this news!!!  Thank you Lord!!!  There is also a good possibility that it will NEVER change so that is what we are praying for!

I made a few more hair bows for the new baby.  BTW....the new baby has a name!!!!!  Chantal and Ronnie have decided to name her.....Addison!  I think they are going to use it as a middle name and call her by that name.  They haven't decided on a first name yet.  Mom and I also painted 2 of the walls in the nursery.  Hopefully we can finish it up in a few days. 
A pic of the snow a few days ago.  Sadly today we are supposed to get 8-14 inches!!!!  :(  I will not be able to get off this hill until summer!!!!  :(  This much snow will shut our whole area down.  Temps are supposed to be well below ZERO and the windchill -10 to -20 below.  This worries me too death as Andrew is out working in this.  They brought his boat in locally to dry dock for some work and took him off while it is on dry dock and put him on the harbor boats for 2 weeks.  While he is doing that he will be working 12 hour shifts and is supposed to travel home and back each day.  Sadly he can't get here.  :(  I guess tonight he will have to either stay on the harbor boat or get a hotel close by.  It's just too cold to be working out in this weather.  Please say a prayer for my boy and all of the people that have to be out in this. 
With this much snow coming later today we expect to lose power.  I dread that but thankful that we heat with our wood stove.  I'm gathering up some hexies and stuff to work on if the weather gets as bad as they think it will.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

hope you do not loose your power but nice to have wood heat isn't. glad to hear your hubby's eye exam went ok - I'm sure your son will be ok - best for him to stay on the boat or a hotel for the time being!

Janet O. said...

What a challenge your weather appears to be at this time! I will keep all of you in my prayers.
Such good news about Richard!

carla said...

Hi!!! Sending hugs and prayers!!! Hope all of you stay safe and warm!!!