Sunday, September 13, 2015


 I decided to try out a new block from another Edyta Sitar pattern.  Right now she is my favorite designer.  I have a few of her patterns but each of them so far take some work.  :)  This is a 20 inch block. 
 The pattern is called, Remember.  It's not real big so maybe I can get it done.  LOL!  I am also doing it by machine applique. 
 The machine that I usually sew on downstairs is a straight stitch machine and I have several vintage machines that have zig-zag but I decided to open this machine up.  It was given to me still in the box.  I changed out the needle to a 70/10 and I am using smoke nylon thread on top and cotton thread to match the background in the bobbin.  It is working out nicely.  I will say that it seem odd not sewing on an old machine.  I can really tell a difference in them. 
 Meanwhile, I am still cutting diamonds out of my strips for my Trail Mix quilt which is also designed by Edyta Sitar. 
 I have several cut but I need a total of 176 diamonds and I get sidetracked.  :)
 I also baked more homemade buttermilk biscuits for the freezer.
 I ended up putting 3 1/2 dozen in the freezer and that does not last a week.  Shew...they are vultures!!!
 I'm hoping that I can get most of my diamonds cut today and maybe assemble another applique block and have it ready for the machine.  I also have lots of laundry and housework to do after Church so we will see what all that I can get done.


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

That Remember quilt is going to be spectacular ... I've never tried machine appliqué, but since I've not been totally pleased with my efforts with hand appliqué (too fiddly and I just can't get the hang of it), so I'm wondering if I'd have better luck/be happier with machine appliqué. We haven't had breakfast yet, so I'm drooling over those biscuits! ;-)

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I am having toast from the bread I made yesterday - I love it the second day like that as is never really soft unless you heat it up a little it seems. Love the look of your biscuits.
I like Edyta's patterns but after starting one I never made a second - one day.
I don't recall seeing this pattern of hers.

Janet O. said...

Gorgeous applique block. Even on a machine, that looks challenging.
My goodness, your men must inhale those biscuits! They look yummy.

Sherrill said...

I LOVE Edyta!! Did a quilt cruise with her a few years ago and what a sweetheart she is (not to mention a SPECTACULAR designer). In fact, her entire family was so cute. Hadn't seen her remember quilt--it's beautiful and I MIGHT have to have it!! Your biscuits must be heavenly or they wouldn't go so quickly!

Deb A said...

Machine applique is on the to do list for me! Love the pattern.

Kathleen RosePrairieQuilts said...

I'm you as she is one of my favorite designers. Yours will be beautiful. Remember Me looks like a Princess Feather. Your biscuits look so yummy.

Judy Snider said...

Love the Remember Me quilt. May have to look for that pattern. Love her quilts!
Your biscuits look wonderful. How do you thaw them out and re-heat them? I never thought to put them in the freezer.