Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sewing right along...

 I'm making a little more progress on my Remember quilt blocks.  These are large 20" blocks.  Only 2 of these have the machine applique done on them.  The other 2 need to be finished.  I just have the pieces ironed to the background.  I really like this quilt because it is so different from any of my others.    Don't worry, I am still working on my Trail Mix quilt as well.  I am just sewing together some diamonds on it. 
 I am so excited about the photo below!  This is from one of the ladies that took my hexagon class the other day.  I think she has been bitten by the hexagon bug!!!  I love it!!!  I know that some of the people that took my class will never make this quilt BUT when I see someone this excited, it makes me feel great!  I love seeing new quilters getting started with this stuff.  I think she made a wonderful selection of fabrics and her hexagons look perfect.  I can't wait to see more of her work in the near future.

 Richard was off work Monday and Tuesday and when he is, it is hard for me to get much accomplished.  LOL!  Oh well, I love having him home.  I ended up canning 12 pints of chili and 1 pint of leftover taco meat on Monday. 
 Tuesday I canned 7 more quarts of pinto beans. 
 I also made a batch of these for Richard and Hunter.  Richard could eat his weight in these babies.  :)
 We also ended up getting a new propane tank set.  They should be back in a week or so to fill it for the winter. 
Richard is back to work today so after I get my housework done I will work on my quilts.  I hope to make a lot of progress on my Trail Mix diamonds and maybe even do a little more applique. 


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I think I recognize your student's hexies! I'm a member of a Facdbook EPP group and think I saw someone post those hexies. Wow, small world!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I like the remember blocks - are those fused and machine applique - using a tiny zig-zag? or buttonhole stitch. you have been busy with all the canning - I hope the winter won't be bad but it looks like you are ready if you can't get to the grocery store for awhile!

Janet O. said...

Those blocks are so beautiful! I don't think I could even do them with machine applique. So many little curves to stitch--yours look great!
You are so productive. Way to go on the canning!

Libby said...

I have not sewn in years...taking one of your classes would definitely make me want to sew again!! I hope your class knows how lucky they are!