Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Beautiful "I Spy" Quilt and Updates

 First off, I let me show you this beautiful "I Spy" quilt that my SIL, Kellie made before I catch you up on everything else. 
 She made this beautiful quilt for my youngest son, Gabe.  They had a blast picking out fabrics together. 
 She pieced this by hand using the EPP method.
 I had so much fun quilting this quilt!  I enjoyed all of the different fabrics.  It was just really fun!
 For the backing she picked a beautiful shade of blue minkee.  It was so soft and I just love quilting with that stuff.  I used a panto called, Becker's Shooting Star.  It is a fun design that I love using.  Look how well the quilting shows on this minkee.
 Now let me catch you up on a few other things from over the weekend.  Richard was off this weekend.  On Friday, I had a lady stop by that brought me some quilt tops.  I had talked with her a couple of months ago about the tops.  She lives in NC but was coming up to KY for a family reunion this past weekend so she brought the tops with her.  She and her daughter brought them by.  She brought 7 KING size quilt tops!!!!  I can't wait for you all to see them!  Of course, I will be posting as I quilt them but I do have several ahead that I have to do.  

Saturday we decided at the last minute to go to a community yard sale.  Richard bought some tools and I bought a cookbook and a decorative plate.  LOL!  Not much of anything be we had a good time.  Hunter went as well but didn't buy anything.  

Sunday we had a wonderful Church service and then a family cookout at my mom's.  It was nice and we finished planning our family vacation.  There will be 14 of us going on vacation.  More on all of that later.  We are all very excited.

Monday...mom, Chantal, Addison, Hunter and I all had a little shopping trip.  All that I bought was a pair of flip flops.  LOL!  Oh and I also met a lady in town and picked up another quilt top to quilt.  YAY!  

My bp is doing some better.  I have a doctor's appointment today (Tuesday) so I will update you on that later.  I've had a few weeks off from quilting due to my bp issues so I desperately need to get back to quilting! I plan on piecing a backing this morning and loading a customer quilt on the frame before my appointment and working on it afterwards.  Hunter also has a friend coming over later. 


Janet O. said...

That "I Spy" quilt could keep someone busy searching for months! Love the way the panto (a fun one, for sure) stands out against the Minkee.
Wow--Sounds like you have your quilting work cut out for you, with those customer quilts.
Glad to hear the BP has improved some--hope that trend continues.

Gayle said...

what a delightful quilt! I made one using hexagons, but there were triangles in each corner - the same but different......