Monday, September 17, 2007

Cowboy Boot Ornaments

This evening after supper the boys and I headed into town. I had to pick up some things for Hunter's lunch tomorrow. Hunter also thinks that anytime that we are in town that we need to stop by the Dollar Discount. So to the Dollar Discount we went...I found these little cowboy boot ornaments. Last year I started doing my Christmas tree in a Horse/Cowboy theme. I didn't have alot on it last year, but can't wait to add these boots this year. Since horses are such a big part of our life here, I thought a western themed tree would be perfect.

While we were in there I also picked up a few things for Hunter's Halloween party at school, next month. He is really excited about it since this is his first school party. I can remember how excited Andrew used to get over that stuff, now he is 14 and could care less. Anyway, we did our shopping and back home we came. Andrew was so tired, after carrying the groceries in, he went straight to bed.

I found out today that Walmart is opening up Wednesday morning. I promised Andrew that I would wait and take him that evening after school. He loves looking in the Hunting department. I have been told that this on is not going to have the fabric department, so that breaks my heart. I wish that it did, because this Walmart is only 20 minutes from here and the other on in Paintsville is about 45 mintues ( I drive slow) But it has fabric. I guess I will have to wait to see.


Moneik said...

oh wow those are really cute Kristie. I can see myself decorating our tree the same way.

Michelle said...

I love the boots,Kristie! How appropriate for your family! Also, welcome to Blogspot. You will love it here! For me, everything is much easier! The only thing I don't get, is the list of all new posts, like the other sites, but this one seems to be more reliable than the other two, and I can load photos much easier, right from my computer, rather than loading them to the program or a webphoto site first.

Maybe you Walmart will have fabric. Ours still does, and even though our Walmart is a super walmart, it is not the BIG is midsized.

Barb Mcf said...

Love those ornaments. I lived in Arizona for 11 years and still have a daughter and her family out there. Western plays a big part in our lives too. That will be a neat tree.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Oh I just loved the boot ornaments. A western themed tree will look so neat. I hope that everyone will post pictures of their trees this year so we can see how different they all look. We have a small WalMart but it does have a fabric department and I really do like it. Many a late night trips are to that store.

Jen said...

Those are soooo cute! I think this year our tree will be Quilted. I'm doing the yo-yo garland and then I'll make some little ornaments. And then all the regular stuff on top of that!! So, it will be pretty for a few minutes, if anything.