Sunday, September 30, 2007


Not alot accomplished this weekend. When I got up Saturday morning at 7:00am the horses were out again!!! I had to pick Andrew up at 9am so I called mom to come out and get Hunter up and dressed for me so I could walk the fence line in the daylight. I got Storm and Beauma back in and fed them all. I got the hammer and nails and walked the fence. Now most of the fence is in the woods. So when I got over to the part that connects our property and moms, down in the middle of the woods their was a tree that had fallen on the fence. I could not lift is so I had to hurry back to the house and get the chainsaw to cut it up. I got it cut up and off of the fence and then had to nail the barbed wire back up. Then rush back to the house, get Hunter, run and pick up Andrew. He went to a football game on Friday night and stayed with a friend. I promised him that I would take him Saturday morning to get his bow adjusted so he could go hunting. So we got that done and back home again. Richard got home a few minutes later. He went in at midnight to work so he had a short weekend.

Richard then went to look at some logs that a guy wants cut up, Andrew went out to practice shooting his bow and took Hunter with him and I hit the couch for about 3 hours. I was so tired, I guess from no sleep the night before. After that I did NOTHING! Well, I did make a few more hairbows for my niece, but that was it.

Sunday was another NOTHING day. Helped Richard a little bit work on the tractor. Well, actually he did most of the work, I just handed him the tools and talked. I just don't know how he does it, he never stops or complains. I asked him if he wanted me to get a job so that he could slow down some, but his response was "No, you have a full-time job taking care of all of us." This is the first time in my life that I have not worked. I got my first job when I was 16 and worked non-stop thru college and everything. I quit work about 3 or 4 years ago. I love my life at home, but I would go back to work if it would help take some stress off of him.

Tomorrow I promised the boys that I would take them to "Borders" Borders is a hunting store in Ashland, which is about 90 minutes away. I think mom is going to ride down with us. The boys are on Fall Break this week so I hope to do some special things with them.

So this was my NOTHING weekend.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'm not bored anymore :o)

Here it is 1:42AM and I have been out chasing horses in the dark. Here is the story.....Andrew ended up staying at a friends house and Richard got up at midnight for work and left at 12:30am. So it was just me and Hunter here. I was locking the door up and I heard one of the horses running through the yard. Now Richard had only been gone about 5 minutes and they were standing in the pasture next to the fence at the driveway. And within 5 minutes they were out. It was Storm, Beauma and Autumn, they are the three that we keep together on that side, but the problem is I can't find were they got out. I finally got them caught and put back in the gate, Storm and Beauma are so bad to go over to the other lot and try to fight with Bullet. So anyway Hunter was asleep on the couch and I couldn't just leave him alone while I was out trying to find where the fence was down, so I called mom. Of course it scared her too death, me calling so late. She came out and sat with Hunter while I took a flashlight, hammer, and nails and went around the pasture. I went all around and could not find the fence down anywhere and the gate was locked when I caught them. So I guess I have a few MAGIC horses, I couldn't even find a hoof print to see which direction that they came from. Hmmmmmm......I'm confused.

Oh well, now I am wide awake and I'm sure it will be a while before I go on to bed...

Friday, September 28, 2007

Bored Out Of My Mind!!!

I am bored out of my mind!! Richard has to work tomorrow, so he is in the bed, Hunter fell asleep on the couch, Andrew went to a football game, Mom went to the movies, and Chantal went bowling!!! So here I am bored too death with no one to talk to. I'm not in the mood to sew and right now would be a great time to do it , with everyone gone or sleep. I guess that is the way it goes.

I did make my niece a few hairbows today. I sent 2 for her yesterday and I made 3 today, but I will try to get a few more done this weekend and send them on Monday. They are for my brother's little girl. She is only 6 weeks older than Hunter. Her mommy bought all of the ribbons and supplies and I am just putting them all together. It is so much cheaper than buying them already made.

I have bought 6 quilt books and patterns since Monday. I have got to stop!!! Can you believe that I have gone this long and just now set up an Ebay account? I always get on there and look, but would never buy anything until now. I bought the following books and patterns......







Oh, and I almost forgot, I bought a new darning/free motion quilting foot for my machine. I can't wait to get all of this stuff in. I know I will go broke on ebay :o) My horse pattern should be here tomorrow or Monday at the latest. That is the one that I can't wait to get.

Since Richard will be gone in the morning for a while, I am taking Andrew to get his drawlength stretched on his bow. He loves to bow hunt and deer season is in here in KY for archery and the youth days are the 13 and 14 of October. We bought his this bow 2 years ago and he is growing so much that we have to get it adjusted again for his arm length. And of course, he thinks he needs new arrows too. I know I will never get him out of there tomorrow.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Watching my nephew

No sewing today! Today I watched my nephew, Zeph. This is my brothers youngest child, he is 13 months old. His babysitter couldn't watch him today. I really enjoyed him so much, he is such a sweetie. I hope to watch him again soon. Here is a photo of him on the couch sleeping.

I got my 5 inch charms back in the mail today. They are from a QIAD swap that we did. I got back 64 charms. I have right at 100 charm squares, so I will put them back for a quilt. I need to start looking for a pattern that requires 5 inch squares. I really don't want to just sew all of the squares together. I know there are pattern books just for charms, maybe I'll look on ebay.
Anyone else have any suggestions?

Tomorrow being Friday, I will be doing my weekly shopping. Then the boys will be off for the next 9 days for Fall Break. So, I probably won't get alot of sewing done next week either. Oh, a few days ago I ordered another horse pattern. I know I really need to finish my boots and hats first, but I wanted this pattern anyway. My plan is to make the horses look like my own horses, but with Ole Jim being a mule, I will have to figure a way to make the ears longer.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

First 2 Blocks for Egg Money Quilt

I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jen and Michelle for your concern. It is nice to be missed. Both boys are sick. Now Richard is also sick but still working. And with all of them sick I have just been lazy. Monday, I actually slept until noon. I never get alot of sleep, so that felt great.

I haven't done alot of sewing, but I did get the first two blocks done on my Egg Money Quilt. I know we are calling this a Block of the Month, but we have done 2 blocks in 2 weeks. I think it is great. I already can't wait for the next block.

Other than these blocks that is all of the sewing that I have done this week. I did clean off my table where I sew today, but this Road to California block is as far as I got on sewing.

I have a doctors appointment in the moring, but I think I am going to cancel it. I just honestly don't feel like going. It is nothing major, just to check my blood pressure and some bloodwork. I will probably help mom tomorrow she is trying to catch up on everything at her place.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Finally some sewing progress!

I actually made a little progress today. Didn't do a whole lot, but I did get a little bit of sewing in. Richard and Hunter were out side most of the day working on the tractor and finally got it going again! Yeah!!!!

First off, I made a set of coasters for my mom.

Then I made a set for me.

Later in the evening, after my nap...I worked on my "shoofly" This is an old photo of it, but all of the blocks are the same so I didn't see the sense of taking another photo. I got 8 more blocks done on it and I need 22 more. I will probably work on it a little more before I go to bed. I just needed a little break. Of course after I get all of the blocks done, then I have to do the setting triangles and borders. Then I'm sure it will be thrown in the pile to be quilted. I have decided that I am going to start stocking up on batting in the next few weeks. I hope to get alot of these quilted over the Winter.
I also got the borders on my Bargello. I didn't take a photo of it, but the borders are just straight borders in one of the dark blue prints. I think I will send it off to the quilters next. I am very happy with the way it turned out.

Oh, I also loaded some photos of my UFO's on the SQUFOChallenge site. It is a newly started Yahoo group, so if anyone is interested in signing up, let me know. It is by invitation only, and I am a moderator, so I will send you the invitation. So here is the list photos of your UFO's that you plan on finishing within the time frame set for us, send in a fat quarter for every project listed. When it is finished, post another photo. At the end of the time frame, fat quarters will be given to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Very simple and I'm sure we all have plenty of UFO's and extra fat quarters laying around.


Friday, September 21, 2007

My little one is sick

Well, Hunter has had a cough for about a week now, not real bad but it was getting worse. He got up this morning and sounded like "Froggy" on "The Little Rascals" so I took him in to the doctor where my sister works. This was the first day of school that he missed, but he was too sick and I did not send him. So they sent us home with lots of meds and here is a photo of the poor little thing taking a breathing treatment. Breaks my heart when my boys are sick.

Needless to say I haven't gotten much done today. I did go ahead and do my weekly running while I was in town this morning. Got most of that done while I was waiting to pick up Hunter's medicine. I also ran up to the Shady Shack to pick up my border fabric for my Bargello and they didn't have anymore of it. That was my fault, I should have went and got it when I started the quilt, but I ran on up to Walmart got some other fabric that I will use. It won't look bad, but the other would have looked alot better. I will probably try to get the borders on it sometime tomorrow.

I was going to make a set of coasters for my mom, but I decided to go ahead and make a set for my sister first. I wanted to do brown and pink, but all I had was the brown and blue. So here is a photo of them. And she loved them or at least she said she did. :o) She likes these colors.

So either tonight or tomorrow I will make moms coasters. It all depends on how Hunters feels. Andrew is gone for the weekend. I miss him so much when he leaves.

My Grandmother came home from the hospital today. She is very weak and was running a temp. but hopefully she will be okay. Now her brother, my great uncle is in the hospital. He got sick yesterday morning, was running a temp and was disoriented. They took him to the local hospital here, which is not a good hospital. They checked him out told him he was CONSTIPATED and sent him home. Well I guess he got worse last night so they took him over to the VA hospital. They admitted him because he was not constipated, but had pneumonia. Crazy!!!


Thursday, September 20, 2007


No sewing today and this is part of the reason why!!! I sew at my kitchen table and this morning, I sat down to the table and started winding my bobbins. I look up and on top of my refrigerator crawling out of the basket where I keep my cookie cutters was a SNAKE!!!

I thought I would shit my pants. Of course, I was home alone and Richards cell phone is broke. So I sat there most of the day watching it. He crawled back and forth around my baskets on top of my cabinets and back down on top of the refrigerator. Then I lost him...Richard got home about 3 hours later and I was freaking out. He looked at my photos that I took and said it was just a harmless black snake. Well, I don't care what kind I don't want it in my house. Long story short, we never found it again.....I told Richard, my luck it will crawl in the bed with me tonight.
The other reason that I didn't get any sewing done was my Grandmother. She has been very sick over the years and has had alot of heart problems. Got the call early this morning that she was in the hospital with congestive heart failure. In January, she had a stint put in and it had blocked again, so they had to go in and redo that. They said they were not sure how long that would last. My mom is out of town this week and doesn't have good cell service where she is. We tried and tried to get ahold of her and then finally around 3pm she called my sister, because she just then had signal. When she called she didn't know anything was wrong. Chantal told her and she got so upset. So started blaming herself because she wasn't home, but things like that happen and there is nothing that can be done. She felt bad because she had surgery and she didn't even know about it. I talked to my grandma a little while ago and she said she was doing okay and still had to lay still for 3 more hours...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bargello Top!!!!!!

Here is my Bargello! Now all I have to do is add the borders and quilt it. I will pick up the border fabric on Friday. I am so glad to get it done. I had strips hanging all over the house, so I was glad to get the mess up. I still had it on the bed when Richard came home. He loved it. He is ready for me to make another one. I told him, I would have to wait a while. I don't think I could stand to do two Bargellos back to back.

Anyway, I finished this up this morning. I had an extra strip set leftover, so I will add borders to it to make a baby quilt. I started working on another SBS block, then Richard came home from work and I had to help him with his tractor. His tractor brokedown over in one of the horse lots. So I had to take his truck and pull him up to the fence so he could work on it close to the house. There was so many trees, we had to cut a road with the chainsaw to get to it and get it out.

After the boys got home from school, Richard headed to bed and we headed to Walmart. Walmart opened up today here in Louisa. Which is 20 minutes from here. It is a super Walmart, but they don't have any fabric. :o( They have tons of sewing machines, thread, mats, rotary cutters and all of that, but no fabric. The only thing that I bought was "Quilter's World" magazine. I usually don't buy this one, but it had a quilt on the cover that I liked. It has horses on it!! Can't pass up a pattern with horses!!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My BIG Mess!!!

Okay, as you know a few of us have decided to try and finish some of our UFO's. A couple of weeks ago, I got out a tote full and counted 43 just in that one. So today, I got out my all of these are ready to quilt except for about 10. I started counting and I counted 61!!!!! I thought I had close to 50, but I actually found 61. I'm sure if I looked more, I would find a couple more. So as you can see, I am in a world of S@$#.

Now, I'm sure you are wondering why, I have so many that are unquilted. I decided last year, that when we got the house finished I would buy a longarm for myself. I usually try to have one at the quilters at all times. But they still have piled up. My plan was when I got my quilter, I would take time off from sewing and do all of my tops. I don't plan on quilting all of these. Some I am going to tie, mostly the baby quilts that are going to be donated and some of the lap quilts. So, this is what took up most of my morning. The worst part of it is, it is all now laying in my bedroom floor. Good thing that Richard is so understanding.

I did work on my Bargello today. Should have all of the strips cut and ready to sew the last section together by bedtime tonight. Hopefully, I can get it all sewn together tomorrow. But I still need to run and pick up fabric for the border.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Cowboy Boot Ornaments

This evening after supper the boys and I headed into town. I had to pick up some things for Hunter's lunch tomorrow. Hunter also thinks that anytime that we are in town that we need to stop by the Dollar Discount. So to the Dollar Discount we went...I found these little cowboy boot ornaments. Last year I started doing my Christmas tree in a Horse/Cowboy theme. I didn't have alot on it last year, but can't wait to add these boots this year. Since horses are such a big part of our life here, I thought a western themed tree would be perfect.

While we were in there I also picked up a few things for Hunter's Halloween party at school, next month. He is really excited about it since this is his first school party. I can remember how excited Andrew used to get over that stuff, now he is 14 and could care less. Anyway, we did our shopping and back home we came. Andrew was so tired, after carrying the groceries in, he went straight to bed.

I found out today that Walmart is opening up Wednesday morning. I promised Andrew that I would wait and take him that evening after school. He loves looking in the Hunting department. I have been told that this on is not going to have the fabric department, so that breaks my heart. I wish that it did, because this Walmart is only 20 minutes from here and the other on in Paintsville is about 45 mintues ( I drive slow) But it has fabric. I guess I will have to wait to see.

Work in Progress...

Okay ladies, hang in there with me, I am still working on getting everyones blogs listed on here. I just wanted to let everyone know so there were no hurt feelings... I think I am done for the night, I am so tired, Richard and the boys are in the bed and I will be getting Richard up in just over an hour so I guess I will just stay up until then.

Mom didn't come home today. :o( I haven't talked to her, but Chantal said she called and left a message on her voicemail. Said she wasn't coming home until tomorrow. She must be having a great time. She deserves it, I know she has been stress lately with this new job and then the property selling. But I still miss her...

1st Four Sylvia's Bridal Sampler

This is actually my first post on my new blog site. I already have 2 other blogs on this Blogger site. One I use for my horses and the other I just add photos of my quilts. The one with my quilts has nothing but photos, so this is the one that I will be typing my posts. I also still post on Serial Quilters. I am going to do this on for all those that don't want to fight through the mess on the other.

Over the weekend we worked a little more on the house. We finally got the back corner floor finished. This coming weekend we will try to finish all of the 1st floor walls done. We still need to put the walls up for the main bathroom, Hunter's room, and the master bedroom walls. Other than that I was pretty lazy this weekend.

Today, hasn't been much different. Got the boys off to school, fed the horses and cleaned the house. Oh, and I took a nap! I did work on my Sylvia's Bridial Sampler blocks today. I already had two of them done, from last week, but today I managed two more. So 4 down and 136 more to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This quilt has a total of 140, 6-inch blocks. It will take me forever, but it will be beautiful.

The boys should be home shortly, so after supper, hopefully, I can work more on my Bargello. I have the last strips sewn together. I just need to iron them and cut them for the layout. Then the borders. I really would like to get this one done and sent off to the quilters. After that I need to get back to work on my Cowboy quilt. Just need 11 more boots on it. They are not hard, it's just the fussy cutting for the diamond insets that takes so long. I will get it finished someday. I have a million quilting projects going on, I just need to concentrate on one at a time so that I can get them done.

Mom has been home since Friday evening, but I haven't really got to see her much. She went to Ohio for a friends birthday and should be back sometime today. I will probably be busy helping her for the next few days, painting. I get a big laugh out of her, she is so picky when it comes to painting and things like that. But she would help me if I needed it, so I will be there for her. She also has some problems with her shoulder and wrists, and after awhile they tend to hurt her pretty bad. I am actually really excited about getting to spend this "Mommy Time" with her.